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EHR-to-EDC Technology for Cancer Clinical Trials

Sponsored by Flatiron

This webinar will cover the utility of automated data transfer via EHR-to-EDC technology in cancer clinical trials, and how it can reduce data management burden and enhance overall efficiency. 

July 17, 2024, 11:00 AM
EHR-to-EDC Technology for Cancer Clinical Trials
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About this webinar:

Clinical research site staff are facing an overwhelming amount of data collection per study, and inefficiencies in transferring that data from electronic health records (EHRs) into electronic data capture (EDC) systems compounds that burden. Ultimately, that results in compromised data quality and delays in reporting. 

This webinar will cover how automated EHR-to-EDC technology reduces the data management burden for sites and sponsors and enhances overall efficiency in clinical trials. This approach enables researchers to save time and money, hit study milestones faster, and advance research for patients sooner. 

Following a research study of three Academic Medical Centers across four industry-sponsored Phase I clinical trials, this webinar will showcase the efficiency benefits of a fit-for-purpose tool in:

  • Enhancing the transfer of study data from the EHR into the EDC
  • Reducing data queries
  • Accelerating data-cleaning timelines

After the research presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A with the speakers, going deeper into the practical applications, future adoption, and change management around EHR-to-EDC technology.

Attendees will walk away understanding: 
  • Tangible examples of how EHR-to-EDC technology is increasing the efficiency of trial data acquisition and management and lowering the burden to site staff
  • Change management strategies required for successful implementation 

This webinar is intended for the pharma R&D industry:
Heads, VPs and Directors of: Clinical Development, Real-World Evidence, Clinical Operations, Clinical Technology, Innovation, Data Science/Data Management, Medical/Regulatory Affairs, R&D, Site Management/Identification, however all are welcome to attend.  

  • Ivy Altomare, MD, Senior Medical Director, Flatiron Health
  • Addie Shelley, Product Manager, Flatiron Health
  • Paul Salcuni, MPH, Senior Data Scientist

About Flatiron Health: 
Flatiron Health is a healthtech company expanding the possibilities for point of care solutions in oncology and using data for good to power smarter care for every person with cancer. Through machine learning and AI, real-world evidence, and breakthroughs in clinical trials, we continue to transform patients’ real-life experiences into knowledge and create a more modern, connected oncology ecosystem. Flatiron Health is an independent affiliate of the Roche Group.

About DPHARM, the webinar’s associated conference:
DPHARM®: Disruptive Innovations to Modernize Clinical Research offers an unparalleled opportunity to hear senior clinical operation executives and innovative thought leaders unveil the latest innovations to modernize clinical trials and reduce patient burden. The concept of DPHARM was founded by Pfizer and Janssen, who continue to play a key role on the steering committee to deliver a highly relevant and engaging program. Visit dpharmconference.com for more information. 

There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.
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