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Crafting and Telling Your Leadership Story

Conveying your story as a leader is how you connect, inspire, and build credibility for yourself and your ideas. A well-told leadership story draws people in emotionally, paints a vivid picture of the future, and serves as an inspirational example to motivate, align efforts, and foster a sense of purpose.

July 16, 2024, 12:00 PM
Crafting and Telling Your Leadership Story
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This webcast will include breakout discussions and an opportunity to outline key ideas. The agenda is organized as follows: 

  • Identifying a defining characteristic that influences your leadership, i.e., innovation, implementation, connection
  • Pinpointing a person or event that influenced your beliefs in this area
  • Describing what you learned from this experience and how it has shaped your leadership
  • Creating an outline of key bullet points of your experience
  • Incorporating vivid details that create a compelling story
  • Q&A

Key Takeaway: 

This webinar will help you define the trait that is central to your leadership and build an engaging story to demonstrate your credibility. 

Who Should Attend: 

This webcast is part of our ongoing Women Leadership in Biotech webinar series. It is primarily designed for women leadership and aspiring leadership in biotech and pharma, but all are welcome and can benefit. 

This webcast is brought to you by the Conference Forum.

There is no fee, but registration is required

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Registration is complimentary but required to attend.

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