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Setting new standards in information exchange for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry

About The Conference Forum

The Conference Forum is a life science industry research firm that brings specific markets together to share and exchange ideas and information on how to get therapeutics to patients faster. They present both public and private strategic-level conferences and provide specialized marketing services to support thought leadership, engagement, targeted reach, branding and lead generation.

They bring together buyers and sellers, investors, and patient advocacy to advance the therapeutic landscape. Now celebrating their 12th year, the Conference Forum continues to examine and challenge the complex ecosystem of drug development and delivery. Each of the key research areas – Clinical Trial Innovation, Patients as Partners, R&D Leadership, Immuno-Oncology, Drug Delivery and Clinical Research as a Care Option – has a dedicated conference, digital advertising, quarterly newsletter, podcasts and webinars. In addition to presenting both public and private strategic-level conferences, they also provide specialized marketing services to support thought leadership, engagement, targeted reach, branding and lead generation.



We research and produce the most respected and leading conferences in their specialized fields to include in alphabetical order:

  • CMO Summit 360® (Biotech Chief Medical Officer Summit)
  • CRAACO: Clinical Research as a Care Option ®
  • DPHARM® : Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials
  • Drug Delivery West
  • IO Cell & Gene Therapy Day
  • Immuno-Oncology 360®
  • Mobile in Clinical Trials ®
  • Patients as Partners ®
  • Patient as Partners Europe®
  • PODD® : Partnerships in Drug Delivery
  • R&D Leadership Summit®

Marketing Services

The Conference Forum helps companies extend their reach across our 80K-strong R&D community. They convene R&D leaders across the drug development spectrum, drug delivery executives, patient advocates, life science investors, Immuno-Oncology entrepreneurs and health systems professionals online, in person, in print and via podcasts every day. Their marketing services offer a variety of ways to maximize the value of leadership, branding, engagement, targeted reach and lead generation.


Thought Leadership










  • Present your expertise either solo, in a fireside discussion or participating in a panel at one of our conferences
  • Product/technology demonstrations during industry conferences in person or post an event virtually



  • We produce webinars for the pharmaceutical, biotech, drug delivery, healthcare system and patient advocacy communities. We welcome a wide range of topics that reach across our 80K-strong R&D community. Webinars can be specific to one topic or a series. Benefits include thought leadership, lead generation, targeted marketing reach and branding.






  • PharmTalkRadio is a division of the Conference Forum that produces podcasts for the pharmaceutical, biotech, drug delivery, healthcare system and patient advocacy communities. We have several options for clients including the development of a panel or interview around a specific topic or area of expertise. Benefits include thought leadership, marketing reach and branding. (We’ve had over 300,000 listeners from primarily the US, followed by Europe, China and ROW.)



Targeted Newsletters 

We offer an executive interview or company profile (1-2pp) in one of six specialized newsletters

  • DPHARM – Innovation to Advance Clinical Research
  • Patients as Partners in Clinical Research
  • Clinical Research as a Care Option (Getting patients more access to clinical research)
  • Chief Medical Officer Summit
  • Immuno-Oncology 360
  • PODD: Partnerships in Drug Delivery



Digital Advertising and Branding

New! Digital Advertising

Our web visitorship audience is on average 46K per month with deep reach across all therapeutic areas in R&D leadership, clinical trial operations, including hospital executives working in clinical trials, drug delivery tech, as well as patient advocacy, life science investors, FDA and companies servicing the pharma/biotech industry. We provide digital advertising across our entire spectrum or you can customize to target the following:

  • Clinical Trial Operations
  • Hospital Executives working in clinical trials
  • Chief Medical Officers in biotech
  • R&D senior leadership in both large and mid-pharma and emerging biotech
  • Patient Engagement and related titles
  • Mobile, Digital and Wearable specialists
  • Immuno-Oncology and IO Cell and Gene Therapy market
  • Drug Delivery in both Pharma and Delivery Tech including drug delivery developers, evaluators and formulation scientistsWe provide a choice of three ads per editorial section including the overall hub sections for both editorial and PharmaTalkRadio podcasts. Ads appear for an entire month, but can be changed every two weeks to maximize your message. We purposely limit the advertising to only three ads per editorial and podcast sections so your branding and message stands out.




We offer half-page and full-page advertising in all six specialized quarterly newsletters as well as in our official conference guide books.




Lead Generation Services

We provide specific lead generation services and support through the following:

  • Conference attendance through partnership meetings
  • Conference sponsorship and exhibitions including networking events
  • Customized webinars
  • Targeted emails
  • White papers



There are both individual branding options or packaged ones to meet a specific time requirement or a campaign for multiple touch points and could be specific to a conference(s), webinar/virtual event(s), podcast, newsletter, digital advertising or a combination of all of the above.




Please email Meredith Sands or call 646-350-2580 for a media kit and to find out how we can help you.