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2016 Featured Speakers

Anton Hoos
Anton Hoos, MD, PhD, MBA
Amgen Europe
Jonca Bull
Jonca Bull, MD
Richard Pops
Richard Pops
Marilyn Metcalf B&W
Marilyn Metcalf, PhD
Marc Boutin
Marc Boutin, JD
National Health Council

Andreas Koester B&W1
Andreas Koester, MD, PhD
Janssen Pharmaceuticals Company
Laura Cleveland
Laura Cleveland
CALGB/Alliance and NCI CIRB
Jamie McDonald BW
Jamie Macdonald
INC Research
Ken Getz New-BW
Ken Getz, MBA


The purpose of medicines is to improve patients’ lives. Despite the increasing number and scope of patient involvement initiatives, there is no accepted master framework for systematic patient involvement in pharma-led medicines development. Patient engagement is more productive, but inconsistent and fragmented on a broader level.

CISCRP Founder, Ken Getz and INC Research CEO, Jamie Macdonald, joined forces in leading the 3rd Annual Patients as Partners in Clinical Trials conference where we addressed:

  • Understanding and incorporating the patient’s voice in designing clinical trials / developing a clinical endpoint
  • Vastly improving the patient’s entire experience in a clinical trial


– What was Featured in 2016 –

Patient Engagement Toolbox

  • Each attendee walked away with a toolbox full of strategies that will support their patient involvement initiatives

Amgen, UCB, GSK and Merck Whitepaper Keynote Panel

  • Key stakeholders who have collaborated on one of the most important papers published came together to identify initiatives and recommendations on how to more effectively involve patients across the clinical development and trial continuum

Innovative New Approach to Patient Involvement: The Chronic Care Trifecta

  • Marc Boutin of the National Health Council (NHC) discussed the new customized care approach in detail and the need to find the right balance between a person’s aspirations, life experiences and medical need

360° Perspective on Patient Focused Drug Development (PFDD)

  • Patients, Industry, Academia and Regulatory addressed what PFDD meant to them and how they can create a universal definition that will support clinical endpoints

Patients Take the Podium

  • Patients led sessions that dove deeper into what was important to them and how they wished to be involved in helping create the best possible clinical outcomes


The 3rd Annual Patients as Partners conference delved into key areas of patient involvement including:

  • Evaluating Healthcare Providers to Establish More Effective Engagement
  • Partnering with Patients in the Development and Lifecycle of Medicines
  • Identifying Potential Pathways to Overcome Regulatory/Legal Barriers in Patient Involvement
  • Shifting Your Internal Culture to Reflect Patient-Centricity
  • Patients as Partners on Value, Coverage and Reimbursement
  • What the Patients Want and How Pharma Can Help
  • Training Patients to Put Them in the Position of Influence
  • Patient Stories and What Influences Them to Consider Trial Enrollment
  • Creating More Diversity in Clinical Trials

The conference is designed for clinical trial executives in pharma and biotech, directors in patient advocacy, patients involved in clinical trials, academia, government and service providers who are looking to incorporate the patient perspective throughout the clinical trial process.

A special thanks to our advisory board for their unwavering guidance and expertise in helping craft an in-depth agenda that puts the “discussion” around patient involvement into action across the entire clinical development continuum.

We look forward to greeting you on March 2-3, 2017 in Philadelphia.




Kate Woda
Conference Director


Valerie Bowling New


Valerie Bowling
Executive Director


Meredith Sands B&W


Meredith Sands
Executive Director, Business Development


Elizabeth Bard


Elizabeth Bard
Business Development Manager




Geeta Bachani
Business Development Manager




Nancy Belis
Conference Logistics Planner



  • "The conference was amazing. I learned and felt invigorated and even more committed to ensure the voice of the patient is heard!"

    - Pam Bennett, Purdue Pharma

  • "I think it was an excellent and balanced meeting where everybody had a voice and everybody listened. This spirit is key as we make progress!"

    - Tony Hoos, Amgen Europe

  • "It was a well planned, well run, and a productive meeting. I learned a lot and plan to follow up on several things that were mentioned. I am especially interested in promoting the replication of EUPATI in the United States!"

    - Megan O'Boyle, Phelan-McDermid Syndrome International Registry

  • "This is my 2nd year at this meeting – and it is the one place where I really learn from the patients/advocates and from others in industry and research. The honest dialogue is highly valued."

    - Kathleen Foley, Pfizer

  • "I learned so much being a part of this forum and am grateful to have been included as a speaker as well as a participant."

    - Christi Marsh, UCBCares

  • "The meeting was very informative, a very good cross section of organizations involved. Very good opportunity to network and share ideas."

    - Diane Gross, Lupus Research Institute

  • "The conference was excellent and very relevant to my current projects."

    - Pamela Knight, Children’s Tumor Foundation

  • "This was an excellent event. Wonderful and insightful speakers, great camaraderie among attendees with a true desire to share ideas and best practices."

    - Gail Adinamis, GlobalCare Clinical Trials

  • "I thought this was a very nice conference with a lot of good discussion on very important topics."

    - Christina Roman, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

  • "Great conference. Loved the speakers and great networking opportunities."

    - Jill McNair, CISCRP

  • "This was a perfect conference for a first-timer. The atmosphere was great, everyone was friendly, and the sessions were informative."

    - Alicia Mitchell, HealthiVibe, LLC

  • "Thank you for organizing this conference. I felt my overall understanding of clinical trials practices was enhanced. Networking opportunities were excellent."

    - Connie Lee, Angioma Alliance

  • "Excellent conference-see you next year!"

    - Sondra Smyrnios, Alkermes