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The Conference Forum was delighted to present the 7th annual DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials conference, with a full day dedicated to Mobile in Clinical Trials on Wednesday September 6. Mark your calendars, DPharm 2018 will take place, September 25-26 in Boston. We are dedicated to presenting the annual event that the life science industry can rely on for the latest thinking in clinical trials for 21st century drug development.

Don’t Stop Innovating & Thank You

Get Ready to Re-Think Clinical Trials at DPharm


 Ochsner Health on Transforming
Patient Engagement

Dr Noah Craft, Kicking Off DPharm Idol 2016
with an Update on Science 37

2017 Co-Chairs & Guest Co-Chair

Andreas Koester

Andreas Koester, MD, PhD, VP innovation, R&D Operations, Janssen

Craig Lipset

Craig Lipset, MBA,
Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D, Pfizer

Bray Lake

Bray Patrick-Lake, MFS, Dir. of Stakeholder Engagement, CTTI / Dir. of Patient Engagement, Duke CTSA

DPharm History

It was a daunting task to develop the first industry forum on thinking radically differently about the way we perform clinical trials, but the result was this conference. The event was launched in September 2011 with 125 disruptive thinkers and change makers eager to discuss current solutions in clinical development, propose innovative changes, and commit to testing and sharing the results in order to transform drug development and the industry.

The first DPharm addressed virtual clinical trial models, adaptive design thinking, the role of EHRs in clinical data, open source, telemedicine, and self-reported patient data among many other ideas. I remember Dr Tomasz Sablinski, Founder, Transparency Life Sciences saying it was the first event he had attended in a long time where he did not leave feeling depressed.

By the time the 2nd annual DPharm program took place, the concept of applying disruptive thinking to clinical development had taken root, with many attendees bearing titles with clinical innovation in them. Fast forward to 2017, the 7th annual program addresses a jam packed agenda on the latest in innovative thinking to advance clinical trials. Not all innovation is disruptive, of course, but as a community, we can continue to drive change that helps bring down millions of dollars in clinical trials while greatly enhancing the patient experience to ultimately bring more drugs to those who need them most.


Radical Thinkers are Especially Welcome

  • DPharm is a TED-style event showcasing innovations from leading Pharma R&D practitioners and from other industries.
  • DPharm underscores the promise and challenge of innovation in advancing drug development.
  • DPharm features new models and collaborations to get therapeutics to patients faster.
  • DPharm features the full spectrum of clinical research options and utilizes insights more appropriately.
  • DPharm is dedicated to challenging creative solutions and finding a way to implement them.
  • DPharm explores to whom companies are being disruptive and to gain a better understanding of the impact on clinical trials.


Patients Included logo 200 x 200

DPharm is accredited by Patients Included and addresses ultimately what will engage and serve our patients best in clinical research. More specifically:

  • Patient keynote highlighting the topic of service
  • “Ask the Patient” Program
  • Several sessions dedicated to patient participation and engagement, including the ADAPTALE study from PCORnet
  • Patient disrupting sessions led by patients
  • The latest on technologies/apps to help patients in clinical research, including ambient technologies
  • Dedicated workshop on co-design to create solutions to assist clinical research participants

You are welcome to contact us at service@tcfllc.org to share your thoughts and ideas for the 2018 event.


Valerie Bowling New

Valerie Bowling
Executive Director

Meredith Sands
Executive Director, Business Development

Jennifer Moran B&W1

Jennifer Moran
Production Assistant

Elizabeth Bard B&W-47

Elizabeth Bard
Business Development Manager

Jackie Della Torre
Business Development Manager

Michelle Bergstein-Fontanez
Marketing Manager


Nancy Belis
Senior Conference Planner


  • "Thanks for making it happen again. Great event, growing attendance, and more importantly increasing quality."

    - Tomasz Sablinski, MD, PhD, Transparency Life Sciences

  • "Unencumbered access to some incredibly brilliant minds, brought together by the obvious enjoyment they have in collaborating. I found the event quite inclusive. Thank you for making this a valuable learning experience."

    - Marilyn Pratt, Medidata

  • "Congratulations on a very successful conference."

    - Chandra Ramanathan, Bayer HealthCare, LLC

  • "Thank you! It was great...as usual!"

    - Solomon Babani, BioPharma Solutions

  • "What an amazing meeting. So impressed!"

    - John Brownstein, PhD, Boston Children’s Hospital

  • "Thank you for putting together such a great event. It was a pleasure working with each of you.It was a great experience."

    - Amy Ripston, 4G Clinical

  • "Thanks and congrats again for a great DPharm2016, proud to have been part of this years edition."

    - Bert Hartog, Janssen

  • "Thank you for making DPharm a valuable learning experience."

    - Marilyn Pratt, Medidata Solutions

  • "Dpharm was a must attend event for those looking at embedding Systemic Thinking and disruptive innovation into their work models."

    - Michelle Shogren, Bayer

  • "I love coming back to DPharm as the 2014 edition changed my life. It was my first time at DPharm and prior to my attendance, I was working on innovation related to the way we design clinical trials. I recall being absolutely amazed by the spirit of collaboration. After the conference was over, I spent my Saturday connecting with speakers and attendees on Linkedin, thinking: I want to be part of this community! Two years later, my dream came true...I come back to find respected colleagues that became friends and collaborations, to exchange ideas and learn from each other!"

    - Attendee, DPharm 2016