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Pfizer’s Craig Lipset and Medical Campaigner, Alexander Masters on Pharma Talk Radio Discussing an Alternative Funding Model for Rare Disease

  • April 7, 2016

  • An Alternative Model to Transform a Funding Gap in Rare Disease Clinical Research

    Frustrated that a promising therapy for a rare cancer was sitting in a freezer due to the lack of a relatively modest amount of funding, author Alexander Masters helped lead a campaign to crowd-fund a clinical trial: the result, The money required was indeed raised – by one wealthy individual primarily, in return for being in the trial.

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    Craig Lipset interviewing Alexander Masters and Dr Magnus Essand at DPharm Europe

    At DPharm Europe, Pfizer’s Craig Lipset interviewed on stage Alexander Masters to share his innovative story. We are delighted to share the journey and the latest updates on PharmaTalk Radio. In this disruptive discussion, we address:

    • The remarkable story of the formation of and the Oncolytic Virus Fund
    • An alternative way to make clinical trials more accessible
    • Ethical and moral issues
    • A possible disruptive and sustainable business model for other neglected medicines

    Listen to the show here.

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    Guest Host:
    Craig Lipset, MBA, Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D, Pfizer


    Alexander Masters, Author, Campaigner and Co-Founder,

    Valerie Bowling, Executive Director, Conference Forum & Pharma Talk Radio

    Telegraph Article Referenced by Craig During the Program: It’s time to sell tickets for places on life-saving medical trials