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Clinical Trials Day, May 19th: Who was James Lind?

  • May 19, 2017

  • James LindToday is Clinical Trials Day, so what does James Lind have to do with it? James Lind was a Scottish naval surgeon, who is credited for doing the first randomized clinical trial in 1747 aboard a ship. James Lind used six different methods on soldiers that were diagnosed with scurvy, with one of the methods involving oranges and lemons. The oranges healed the sailors, thus becoming a breakthrough for treating scurvy, but more importantly proving the potential power of a clinical trial.

    Clinical Trials Day is celebrated in recognition of James Lind on or near May 20th annually and to highlight the importance of clinical research in improving and saving lives. Happy Clinical Trials Day!

    We also want to share a video lovingly made by TCF speaker and HealthiVibe team member, Jeri Burtchell on a message thanking and recognizing clinical researchers:

    HealthiVibe also posted a video with Patients as Partner’s speaker Kyle Bryant on why research matters:

    Kyle Bryant, Patient Advocate with Valerie Bowling, Executive Director, TCF

    On a personal note, Jeri Burtchell was our first patient speaker. She spoke at DPharm in 2013 with Pfizer’s Craig Lipset. We credit Jeri for having the biggest impact on the way we now do our research. Kyle Bryant spoke at the Patients as Partner’s event in 2016 and is a Rare Disease Patient Advocate.