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Blockchain for Drug Development: A Historic Opportunity!

  • August 10, 2017

  • The 7th annual DPharm conference is proud to open the final day of the program on September 8th with Blockchain for Drug Development. We are delighted to welcome for the first time to DPharm, Dr Sascha Mundstein, Mobile and Digital COE, Technology Evangelist, Pfizer, Inc who will lead the session.

    Pfizer is making advances in working with blockchain and has been one of the first companies to deliver prototype applications on the chain early this year. Sascha will talk to us about how blockchain can speed up the drug development process and change the business model of clinical development. He will tell us why it is imperative to embrace blockchain and more specifically:

    -The basics on how blockchain works and what the key advantages are

    -Key benefits to empowering patients with control over their data

    -The compliance implications of unalterable historic audit trails

    -How in-house proof of concept development fosters innovation and new technology adoption

    -The implications of rich and abundant patient data for the drug development process

    DPharm takes place September 6-8th in Boston. For more information about DPharm, please click here.