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Pfizer’s “Blue Sky” Team Featured on PharmaTalkRadio

  • August 23, 2016

  • Members of Pfizer’s “Blue Sky” team join DPharm’s Director, Valerie Bowling and Clinical Leader’s Chief Editor, Ed Miseta on PharmaTalkRadio to discuss the work they are doing to transform clinical research in Parkinson’s disease and patient-centric innovation. Together they discuss the vision, goals and journey in taking a new approach to advancing drug development.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 6.41.46 PMMore specifically, the Blue Sky team talks about their partnership with IBM, the first of its kind research collaboration, decisions on how to use a device in a trial, real time data collection, an 1800s house for a 21st Century research and more.

    Pfizer’s Blue Sky Guests:

    Stephen Amato, PhD, Project Manager, BlueSky, Pfizer

    David Caouette, MBA, Senior Director, Strategy and Operations Lead, BlueSky and Quantitative Medicine, Pfizer

    Daniel Karlin, MD, Senior Director, Quantitative Medicine, Clinical Lead, BlueSky, Pfizer

    Both Drs David Caouette and Daniel Karlin are co-presenting at the DPharm conference on September 20th in Boston. For more information go to

    Click here to hear the radio program: