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10 Best Practices to be addressed at Patients as Partners

  • March 2, 2015

  • Patients as Partners (March 16-17, 2015) will present:

    1. Communicating the importance of a leadership role around the patient in R&D
    2. Understanding the main issues that matter most to patients
    3. Building excellent communication and relationships with the patient community to build long-term solutions towards improving healthcare
    4. Creating and executing patient engagement strategies and ensure that the organization prioritizes these insights
    5. Helping patients find studies that are right for them
    6. Increasing patient diversity in clinical trials
    7. Incorporating the patient voice into the design of a clinical trial
    8. Forming a good industry-patient advocacy relationship should look like to benefit the patient
    9. Understanding and overseeing the ways in which pharma is perceived by and relates to patients
    10. Helping to redefine and restructure corporate drug development strategies in ways that will offer demonstrable value to patients

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