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Fighting the Good Fight.  The rivalry between Merck’s immuno-oncology drug Keytruda and Opdivo, Bristol-Myers Squibb counterpart is heating up. Merck will be sharing cancer immunotherapy data at the Immuno Oncology Conference February 2-3 in NYC.


Immuno-Oncology drugs are taking on rare cancers. Baxalta Inc has recently reached an agreement with Symphogen, a privately held company to develop special immuno-oncology drugs to treat rare cancers. Anne Altmeyer, PhD, MBA, MPH from Baxalta will be speaking on Business Aspects at the Immuno Oncology Conference February 2-3 in NYC.


Dr. Axel Hoos is making great strides. Dr. Axel Hoos, interviewed here by Fintan Walton, CEO of PharmaVentures, is also the chair of the Immuno Oncology Conference coming up in February.  GSK will be giving several talks at the event in NYC.


Special Report on Immuno-Oncology This report features in depth coverage of Anti PD-1/PD-L1, CAR-Ts and Vaccines. It also addresses how physicians will need to adapt to using CAR-Ts in blood cancers and the technology’s potential in brain cancer.  The Immuno-Oncology Conference is coming up on February 2-3 in NYC.


Obama Announces New Anti-Cancer Initiative  President Obama pays tribute to Joe Biden’s son during his last state of the union address and puts forth a new anti-cancer initiative.