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Achieving Patient Centricity through Design Thinking

  • March 30, 2015

  • Advances in science and digital technologies combined with empowered patients presents opportunities to redesign an outdated clinical trial business model that is more efficient, agile and patient centric.  The pharma/biotech industry has had a calling to be more patient centric.  Whether patient centricity is necessary for inspiration or a license to operate in a future of empowered patients, we have struggled to understand what we should specifically do to be more patient-centric.

    Design thinking is a human centered approach to innovation that helps uncover the sweet spot of opportunity where the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success all converge. The application of the Design Thinking methodology as a new approach to looking at solutions can lead to disruptive innovation in clinical trials for drug development.  It allows for designing new ways of working, including the needs, challenges and insights about the complex world we work in.

    The Conference Forum is pleased to present the first program in Design Thinking for Clinical Trials. In this course you will be introduced to the basic principals of Design Thinking, experience how to effectively apply them to your clinical trials process, and hear real world examples of successful outcomes using Design Thinking.

    EDIPT GraphicThe course will orient you to Stanford’s d.School methodology for Design Thinking followed by a hands-on-workshop where you will learn to apply the principles to a specific challenge of their choice in the Clinical Trials process. This program will help you uncover the core problem behind trial challenges and generate novel ideas to test. You will even learn how to accelerate testing of new ideas to mitigate risk before introducing into your trial.

    Finally, a panel of industry experts will judge and assess whether your ideas hit the sweet spot of patient centricity, new technologies and business need. You will return to your teams with foundational working knowledge on how to apply Design Thinking for Clinical Trial Innovation.

    Presentation Team
    Our program co-chairs and key advisors, Kate Helber and Jen Reichuber, Co-Founders of The Helber Group will lead the audience through a journey of Design Thinking and how to apply it specifically to clinical trials. A very special thanks to Komathi Stem, Strategic Innovation Leader at Genentech for bringing the topic to our attention and giving us the first insights into this amazing process. Also, many thanks to Joseph Kim, Senior Advisor, Clinical Innovation at Eli Lilly for his insights and for encouraging us to offer this program. The faculty also includes

    • Jo Bernau, Innovation Coordinator, Center for Innovation, Mayo Clinic
    • Jeri Burtchell, Director, Patient Initiatives, HealthiVibe
    • Denise Johnson Sura, Director, Clinical Development Information & Optimization, Eli Lilly
    • William Mundell, MD, FACP, Associate Chair for Inpatient Practice / Consultant / Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Mayo Clinic / Division of General Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic / Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
    • Abbe Steel, CEO, HealthiVibe

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