How to Get Started in Patient Data Return

4th in a Four-Part Webinar Series

April 29, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm EST

There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.

About the Session

In presenting a four part webinar series on patient data return, we are pleased to present the first session on getting started in patient data return. It will be dedicated to the process for initiating patient data return within a company. The session will cover understanding the process for returning data, realizing the considerations that exist along the journey and outlining in what ways different data types can be shared.




  • A brief introduction 
  • Presentation on Patient Data Return
  • Q&A 


About the Speaker


Megan McBride, Associate Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation, Janssen



Ms Megan McBride is Associate Director in the Research & Development Operations Innovation (RDOi) department for Janssen. Building on almost 20 years’ experience in global clinical operations through her work in industry, NGOs and public-private partnerships, Ms McBride is committed to driving innovation to modernize the clinical trial process not only for Janssen and pharma but for our key partners: patients, investigators and clinical research site teams.

Since joining J&J in 2014, Ms McBride is on a mission to implement novel and compelling ways to better engage with patients, investigators and site teams. To this end, her roles have focused on data transparency and access for patients actively participating in trials as well as improving existing processes with novel approaches to data acquisition in trials more efficiently for all stakeholders. 

Her background in drug and vaccine R&D at Merck & Co, Inc, and as Head of Global Clinical Operations for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) provided unique opportunities to work on first ever HIV vaccine trials in Africa, robust community and patient engagement programs including the GPP initiative, and as a member of the PD Forum with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Ms McBride earned her MPH from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.


About the PDAI Initiative

PDAI is a pre-competitive collaboration of pharmaceutical companies. United by a vision for a future where all clinical trial participants can receive their data, the group was formed in 2017 with the goal of driving industry-wide adoption of data return practices. For more information,


About Patients as Partners in Clinical Trials Conference


The Patients as Partners in Clinical Trials conference is co-produced with patients, industry, academia, FDA  and nonprofit organizations to establish a well-rounded program that addresses the needs of all stakeholders seeking to implement and advance patient involvement across the entire clinical development continuum. The event is responsible for truly demonstrating how patient involvement gets done throughout the entire medicines development life cycle to drive greater efficiencies in clinical research. The program delves deep into patient involvement ideas, strategies and implementation processes that biopharma can utilize in order to help advance patient participation for better clinical outcomes. 

There is no fee to attend, but registration is required.