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The Clinical Trial Collaborations (CTC) conference was a strategic level event focused on arguably the most important change in transforming drug development: How and who we collaborate with to drive better clinical trial outcomes.

We were pleased that the 3rd annual conference was co-chaired by Ken Getz, Director of Sponsored Research Programs, Tufts CSDD and Murray Abramson, MD, VP Global Clinical Operations, Biogen. Ken gave the state of the industry address on Mapping the Evolution of Contract Clinical Collaborations to help prepare operation professionals with an understanding of the latest data on:

  1. The strategic implications of an unprecedented level of acquisitions dominated by private equity investment
  2. The current structure and concentration of the CRO marketplace
  3. What to think about and how to prepare for the changing clinical outsourcing landscape

– CTC is Divided into Three Sections –

  1. Clinical Collaborations: The Evolution, Current Examples to Challenge Us & Progress
  2. Strategic Collaborations, Virtual Trials & Next Generation Monitoring
  3. Clinical Research as a Care Option & How to Collaborate to Achieve This

Clinical Trial Collaborations 2018 – 5 min. Podcast


– 2018 Highlights –

Clinical Operation Veteran Leadership

Jay Kaminski, SVP, Global Clinical R&D Operations, Celgene provided a bold and fresh approach to create a collaborative ecosystem for a 12 month clinical trial!

Industry veteran, Dr Jeremy Chadwick, Group VP, Clinical Development Operations, Shire Pharmaceuticals, joined conference chair, Dr Murray Abramson in a fireside chat. Together, they addressed what it takes to develop strategic relationships between sponsors and vendors that deliver results and they gave the audience an opportunity to do Q&A with them.

Transformative Collaborations in Clinical Trials

Back by popular demand! We were delighted that Azmi Nabulsi, MD, Deputy Chief Medical & Scientific Officer, Head of R&D Strategic & Professional Affairs, Takeda together with Tami Klerr, EVP Global Business Development, PRA Health Sciences, talked about how their transformative collaboration is doing a year later. What are the lessons learned that we can benefit from?

Collaborating Towards Virtual Trials

Dr Tomasz Sablinski, Founder, Transparency Life Sciences, and Komathi Stem, MS, Founder, monARC Bionetworks, were some of the most disruptive thinkers and doers as they forged ahead in the development of clinical partnerships to make trials more virtual for the benefit of the patients. They co-presented on what it took to make clinical trials a virtual experience.

Collaborating for Compliance

EMD Serono’s Paulo Moreira discussed his key strategic partnerships with regulatory agencies and patient associations to take on a high-risk, modern, and efficient late stage clinical trial. How did this approach benefit them on the road to eventual drug approval?

Ann Hegarty, Executive Director GSMO, CRO Oversight, Allergan and their CRO partner, Syneos Health, navigated FDA guidance ICH E6 (R2) together using a strategic approach to make their collaboration compliant and effective.

April 11th
2nd Annual Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO)

Since 2015, we’ve presented the topic of Clinical Research as a Care Option. Thanks to Katherine Vandebelt, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Reify Health, Jennifer Byrne, Founder, The Greater Gift, Jeff James, CEO, Wilmington Health and Jane Shen, PharmD, President of the Board of Directors at Wake Forest Healthcare Venture who first presented this topic on the DPharm stage. We were delighted to build on their experience and bring this full day agenda on April 11th.

The movement of integrating clinical research into medical care requires the entire healthcare and clinical research ecosystems to collaborate and advocate for change. Why are clinical trials not typically a care option? How do we create physician champions? These are just a few of the topics at CRAACO we were excited to address with a top notch speaking faculty.

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  • "Topics were well defined and the presenters focused in on topics without meandering into other areas of discussion."

    - Joshua Fama, ISDM Solutions LLC

  • "I enjoyed the keynote speakers and the group panels."

    - Jamie Kime, UCB