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Integrating Clinical Care and Clinical Research. The Future of Healthcare Options.


We need to think of clinical care and clinical trials as a unified system.”

Dr Laura Esserman, Director, UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Cancer Center, Alfred A. de Lorimier Endowed Chair in General Surgery; Professor of Surgery and Radiology, UCSF


CRAACO is guided by a dedicated group of advisors from pharma, healthcare, patients and patient advocacy who are passionate about providing patients with the best possible options. With four years of experience gathering the clinical research and healthcare communities together, CRAACO has the most experience addressing the value, opportunities, and challenges to integrating clinical research as a care option for the benefit of patients.

5 Goals of CRAACO:

In this meeting, our first goal is to bring together a variety of health systems nationwide, pharma, patient advocacy, payors, regulators, change agents and innovators to chart a path forward integrating clinical care with clinical research options.

We have four additional goals that include:

  1. To demonstrate several different examples from the view of health systems on where they are in this journey as there is no gold standard best practice.
  2. To demonstrate tools to integrate clinical trials into health systems to all parties with access to relevant information and  care options.
  3. To identify ways to reduce the barriers and burden to clinicians, research investigators and patients to participate in the evolving, expanding and important clinical research.
  4. To encourage continued forward movement, inspire further action and unite like-minded individuals and organizations.


Why Attend CRAACO?

Arguably the greatest change we can collaborate on in bringing patients closer to clinical research is to make clinical trials a care option. Higher rates of clinical trial participation inside of a health system can produce better patient outcomes, lower cost of care and happier patients. Health systems and patients get access to the latest research and pharma can get access to more patients in need of clinical research options.

Clinical research is typically transactional and not integrated as part of a healthcare organization’s care options. Patients almost never learn about clinical research from their physicians unless their physicians are directly engaged in clinical trials. The value of integrating clinical research into the overall continuum of care is often lost on health care organizations and misunderstood.

Who Will Benefit From Attending CRAACO?

From Hospitals/Health Care Organizations, Medical Groups, Physician Groups:

  • Chief Administrators
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Physician Champions/leads
  • Therapeutic Heads
  • Population Health
  • Head of Clinical Trials/Research

From Pharma, Biotech, CROs:

  • Heads of Clinical Operations, Clinical Innovation
  • Heads of Health Economics/Outcome Research
  • Value & Policy
  • Health Systems
  • CMOs
  • Chief Quality/Outcome Officers
  • Chief Patient Officers, Patient Services and Recruitment

The Following Organizations will also Benefit:

  • Payers
  • Investigative Sites
  • Patient Advocacy Foundations and Trusts
  • Patient Recruitment Services
  • IT and Health Care Consultants and Technology Firms
  • Medical Informatics




Allyson Adams
Conference Producer

Valerie Bowling New


Valerie Bowling
Executive Director


Meredith Sands
Executive Director, Business Development

Elizabeth Bard
Business Development Manager


Meg Gould
Senior Conference Planner