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Reporting on the Latest Cell & Gene Therapy Progress with a Focus on Solid Tumors

The cell and gene therapy field for cancer immunotherapy has seen major success over the past year with landmark approvals and regression in cancers of the blood. However, translating that success into solid tumors has been quite challenging.

Cell & Gene Therapy Day convenes stakeholders spanning the science and business communities to report on the latest cell and gene therapy progress to fight a wider range of cancers beyond hematologic malignancies.

Cell & Gene Therapy Day Delivers Three Key Benefits:

  1. Access to KOLs driving the science
  2. Partnership opportunities with all stakeholders in cell and gene therapy
  3. Presentations on the latest data affecting the science, clinical and business advancements in cell and gene therapy


2021 Key Topic Areas: 

  • Cell Therapy Landscape and Evolution to Marketplace
  • Regulatory Opportunities to Accelerate the Development of Cell Therapies
  • CEO Leadership on the Business and Science on Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Parent-Child Cell Therapy Development Strategies
  • Engineering Gamma Delta T cells with CARs and T Cell Receptors
  • NK Cells for Next Gen Cell Therapy
  • Synthetic Biology and Synthetic Circuits to Advance Cell Therapy
  • Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Cell Therapy for Treatment of Solid Tumors
  • Next Gen Sequencing to Assess MRD in Heme
  • Operational Execution of Cell/Gene Therapy Programs
  • Cell/Gene Therapy Debate: Allo vs Auto


Cell & Gene Therapy Day is an independent one day program of the three day IO360˚ program, which includes the Cell & Gene Therapy day. For more information on IO360˚, please click here.

If you are interested in participating in Cell & Gene Therapy Day please contact us at Thank you.



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Valerie Bowling
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