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Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and PRA Health Sciences will Jointly Present at CTC

  • March 20, 2017

  • PRA Health Sciences, Inc. and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company announced in September that the companies have entered into a new partnership agreement under which PRA will serve as Takeda’s primary strategic partner to deliver on the company’s pipeline and marketed products clinical development and post-approval needs.

    “This partnership is a fundamental part of Takeda’s R&D transformation and represents a truly innovative approach to clinical development, unprecedented in our industry,” said Andy Plump, MD, PhD, Director, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Takeda.

    The idea of the partnership is to provide a flexible operating model that combines operational expertise, transferred from Takeda to PRA. This model is aimed to improve operating efficiencies and provide a flexible approach to facilitate the development of new medicines by focusing resources, teams and activities where needed.

    On April 3rd at the CTC conference, both Andy Plump, MD, PhD, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Takeda and Tami Klerr, EVP, Business Development, PRA Health Sciences will jointly present an update on how their collaboration is going. It is a great opportunity for industry to learn from their experience.

    CTC is in its 2nd year and gives the industry a strategic look at how to collaborate in primarily needed outsourced functions to advance drug development. The CTC agenda takes a careful look at three alignment factors: resources, technology and processes along with time, cost, service, and scientific integrity. Depending on the stage of the company and therapeutic area, speakers help guide industry on what to prioritize and how collaborate to fit the need of the organization. For more information, visit: