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David Schenkein, MD, Previous CMO Summit Keynote, on Patient Access to Data

  • May 1, 2017

  • At the Conference Forum’s 2015 Chief Medical Officer’s Summit, David Schenkein, MD, CEO at Agios Pharmaceuticals, gave a personal keynote sharing his journey as a Physician CEO. In this recording of the session, listeners can gain an insight into Dr Schenkein’s views on leadership in running a biotech company.

    Recently, Dr Schenkein published an article on “The Promise and Problems of Patient Access to Medical Records,” wherein he discusses the inherent power of access to information and data.

    “Armed with data, patients can play an active role in their healthcare, better understand treatment options and ask their physicians more informed questions. Outside of the hospital, giving patients the ability to share their data with researchers can have significant benefits for understanding diseases and advancing new therapies. Imagine the possibilities if researchers could aggregate molecular and clinical data from large numbers of patients with the same disease. This has the potential to facilitate novel target discovery in ways not possible now.”

    Read the entire article on LinkedIn.

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