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Dpharm Announces Opening Keynote Panel: How To Build A Corporate Culture of Sustainable Innovation

  • July 16, 2015

  • The Dpharm conference is delighted to announce the opening keynote panel is on, How To Build A Corporate Culture of Sustainable Innovation.

    In the biopharmaceutical industry, building a corporate culture that encourages people to embrace and act upon the various forms of innovation is no small task. Perhaps even more difficult is the process of changing a Big Pharma company culture away from the “that’s not how we do things around here” mindset, to one that fully embraces sustainable, incremental, as well as game changing innovation. Why then do companies like Bayer and J&J, which have a combined 281 years, and over 240,000 employees, continue to be recognized for their ability to innovate?

    For those who think it is easy for academics to be innovative, you obviously haven’t experienced the bureaucracies that exist in many of our institutes of higher education. MIT was founded two days before the civil war, and yet today is one of the most innovative schools in the world. Yes, getting a drug approved by the FDA is difficult. But imagine you are attempting to create a sustainable business that is going to generate power from garbage, while successfully collaborating with 50 individual state regulatory commissions. This is what one of Fast Company’s top rated innovative companies, Harvest Power, does.

    Moderated by Rob Wright, chief editor of Life Science Leader magazine and author of numerous articles on innovation and corporate culture, this hand selected keynote panel will explore what it really takes to create a corporate culture of sustainable innovation.

    Join us on September 10th to be part of this game changing session.

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    Rob WrightRobert Wright
    Editor-in-Chief, Life Science Leader




    Keynote panelists:

    30c661fCamilo Cobos, MBA
    VP, Human Resources, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson


    Kathleen LigockiKathleen Ligocki, MBA
    CEO, Harvest Power


    Chandra Ramanathan


    Chandra Ramanathan, PhD, MBA
    Senior Director, Innovation Strategy & Global Lead, External Innovation, Bayer AG

    David Shrier


    David Shrier
    Managing Director, Connection Science & Engineering, MIT