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UCSF’s Revolutionary Health eHeart Mobile Clinical Study: Three Years On

  • August 14, 2017

  • In 2014, UCSF’s Health eHeart study set out to revolutionize the way we predict, prevent, track and treat heart disease through the use of mobile technology. Three years ago at Mobile in Clinical Trials 2014, Carol Maguire of UCSF’s Division of Cardiology spoke about the aim to gather more data about heart health from more people than any research study ever before.

    We are delighted to welcome Carol back to the 4th annual Mobile event to give us a progress report in her session on the trials and tribulations of an ongoing mobile clinical study. Hear about what the obstacles and challenges have been and how they are being managed. With 122,871 participants to date, 16 studies in progress and 6 research studies published using their data, the program is on track to produce meaningful results and benefits.

    In the session, Carol will deliver an update on:

    • Where they are now
    • Challenges they have faced, both expected and unexpected
    • Lessons learned, including those around geo-fencing
    • Insights and realities in getting their data validated
    • Strategies for integrating multiple digital components in a study
    • What’s next, including The Eureka Research Platform

    Carol Maguire
    Carol Maguire, RN

    Director of Clinical Research, UCSF Division of Cardiology

    Mobile in Clinical Trials takes place on September 6 in Boston. For more information, please click here.