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PODD Speaker, Sesha Neervannan of Allergan, Announces Partnership with Lyndra, Inc.

  • September 28, 2017

  • Allergan and Lyndra, Inc announced a partnership to develop orally administered, ultra-long-acting products for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The collaboration is based around Lyndra’s sustained-release technology, which could potentially transform dosing from daily to once-weekly.

    “As a leader in Alzheimer’s treatment, Allergan is committed to developing new approaches that further reduce the burden of treatment for patients and their caregivers,” said Sesha Neervannan, Senior Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development at Allergan. “In addition to its potential application in Alzheimer’s disease treatment, we are excited by the potential for these technologies that could unlock a paradigm shift in the treatment of other conditions where less frequent administration is critical to improving compliance and patient care.”

    Read more about the partnership on BusinessWire.

    Mr Neervannan is speaking at the 7th annual PODD event in Boston (Oct 19-20) on the panel “Viewpoints on Drug Delivery Partnering: The Voices of Big Pharma, Specialty/Generic Pharma, and Drug Delivery Innovators.”