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DPharm Podcast Series: Blockchain to Speed up Drug Development

  • May 18, 2018

  • We are happy to share one of the best rated sessions at DPharm 2017 on blockchain’s role in drug development. Presented by Sascha Mundstein, Mobile and Digital COE, Technology Evangelist, Pfizer, Inc. he addresses how blockchain can potentially change the business model of clinical development. Pfizer’s pioneering of a prototype application on the chain has made them one of the leading companies in blockchain technology. Listen to this podcast to Sascha’s discussion on:

    • The basics on how blockchain works and what the key advantages are
    • Key benefits to empowering patients with control over their data
    • The compliance implications of unalterable historic audit trails
    • How in-house proof of concept development fosters innovation and new technology adoption
    • The implications of rich and abundant patient data

    DPharm 2018 will be featuring a member of the Estonian government on how most of the country has gone digital and with the use of blockchain keeps data private, secure and with the patient. Join us at the next DPharm conference, September 25-26 in Boston, to hear more about this and other ways disruptive innovations can advance clinical trials. Register now to take advantage of pre-early bird prices. Never stop innovating!