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Conference Forum Speaks with NY State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at Hillary Clinton Event

  • August 9, 2016

  • Conference Forum co-executive directors, Valerie Bowling and Meredith Sands took the opportunity to voice their concerns about the support needed for innovation to advance drug development at a Hillary Clinton Fundraiser recently held in NYC. NY State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who was graciously introduced by Tony and Grammy award winner, Audra McDonald was the main speaker at the event.

    KirstenGillibrandValerie spoke with the senator about the need to support innovation to get therapeutics to patients faster and the importance of not allowing the few Shkrelis of the world to overshadow the amazing work and progress of the industry and its impact on human lives and economic growth.  The event was attended by over 200 people including both Democrats and Republicans.

    The senator from New York is currently holding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s former U.S. Senate seat. Senator Gillibrand was named as part of Clinton’s New York “Leadership Council,” that includes elected officials, activists and donors in the state who endorsed her for president.

    On a related note, we want to thank our friends at Faster Cures on the formation of Rx for Innovation: Recommendations for the New Administration. This is their initiative to inform the transition teams of #Election2016 and the next administration. The transition is a chance to focus policy working groups on improving the health and productivity of the American people and reducing the cost of disease to society. Their recommendations will be a shared vision of the biomedical research landscape during the course of the next president’s tenure. They will provide a guide that both synthesizes the current state of the R&D ecosystem and provides actionable recommendations for the administration in its first 100 days, first year, first term and beyond.