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Cell Therapy Pioneer Dr Steven Rosenberg, NCI, Confirmed to Present at Rational Combinations 360° 2018

  • May 8, 2018

  • Dr Steven Rosenberg, Chief, Surgery Branch at the National Cancer Institute, is confirmed to present on Lymphocytes as a Drug for the Treatment of Metastatic Cancer at the 3rd annual Rational Combinations 360°, September 13-14 in Philadelphia. 

    Dr Rosenberg will discuss cancer immunotherapy using the adoptive cell transfer of autologous lymphocytes with anti-tumor activity with an emphasis on the identification of T-cells that recognize the products of mutations unique to the individual patient’s cancer.

    Dr Rosenberg pioneered the development of effective immunotherapies and gene therapies for patients with advanced cancers. His studies of the adoptive transfer of genetically modified lymphocytes have resulted in the regression of metastatic cancer in patients with melanoma, sarcomas and lymphomas.

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