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All of Us Research Program, a Nation-wide Initiative from the NIH

  • September 4, 2018

  • Podcast guest, Elise Felicione, who is currently a Scientific Collaborator at the Scripps Translational Science Institute, is playing an integral role under the direction of Dr Eric Topol on a nation-wide initiative from the NIH. The initiative is called All Of Us, a US Precision Medicine program that aims to enroll a million Americans and follow them for 10 years, during which time participants will contribute biological, environmental, and lifestyle data. One-third of participants will participate virtually (not via a research site). The cohort will mirror the projected 2040 census. Individual pharma companies are never going to create cohorts like this, so the importance of this open source frame work that drug developers can tap into will be highly beneficial in serving the patient of the future.

    Discussion points include:

    • What is the All Of Us Research Program?
    • Why does this matter to biopharmaceutical companies?
    • How far along is the program and how to get involved?
    • What are your biggest challenges?
    • How can biopharmaceutical companies get involved?

    For more information on the All Of Us program, visit:

    Elise will be speaking at DPharm on September 26th and will also have an exhibit booth to answer any questions are All of Us. For information on DPharm taking place September 25-26, 2018 in Boston. For information, please visit,

    Producer: Valerie BowlingExecutive Director, Pharma Talk Radio and DPharm