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Featured Business Panel at Rational Combinations 360°

  • May 5, 2016

  • Rational Combinations 360°, an IO conference dedicated to combination immunotherapy approaches is delighted to confirm a buyside investment panel moderated by Mark Simon, MBA, Partner, Torreya Partners.


    Mark Simon, MBA, Partner, Torreya Partners

    This talk will address perspectives on investing in companies developing IO combination products. The panel will answer the following questions:

    • Would you make an investment in an IO idea where the monotherapy data was not strong but the combination data is?
    • Does the combination need to be in the hands of one company? Other words, do they need to have both arms of the combo or would you own both companies?
    • Interchangeability: If the target of one company was validated, would that make you invest in other companies with drugs of the same targets?
    • What are investor perspectives on managed care, pricing and financial models? How do you factor in pricing and how does reimbursement affect your investment strategy?
    • Do you look at CARs as a viable business or do you feel just giving drugs opposed to t-cell modification is easier? Do you think there is a sustainable business model in modifying patient’s own cells?
    • Have we overdone the investing in Immuno-oncology and are non IO cancer companies being overlooked, thus creating investment opportunities?

    Panelists Include:

    Wayne Rothbaum, Founder, Quogue Capital

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