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Patients As Partners in the News!

  • March 13, 2015

  • Nature’s March 5th article “Training on trials: Patients taught the language of drug development” explores the relationship between industry and patients.  Ken Getz, co-chair of the Patients As Partners Event (March 16-17, 2015) spoke with nature about what opportunities are available for patients in the US. Nature excerpt below:

    Private organizations are increasingly extending invitations to patient advocacy groups and patients where they can spend two to three days with members of the organization and learn about what they’re doing as far as drug development and clinical testing are concerned. As one example, he points to the Drug Information Association, based in Washington, DC, which serves as a forum through which professionals involved in the drug development process can engage with patients and patient advocates.

    “In a time when the industry was performing well, there wasn’t an incentive to do something new,” adds Getz. “Now they really have to figure out new ways to do R&D.” And those new ways might mean speaking with patients about their experiences being in clinical trials or having trouble accessing drugs. Getz is chairman of the Patients as Partners conference, an annual meeting that will be held in Philadelphia this month, which aims to bring together patient advocacy groups and industry representatives to facilitate larger involvement of patients in the clinical research arena.

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