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Thoughts on PODD Industry Keynote: The Future of BioTherapeutics

  • July 22, 2013

  • Mak Jawadekar, PhD, formerly Director, Portfolio Management & Analytics of Pfizer and Scientific Board Member of Oncobiologics and Livwell Therapeutics shares his thoughts on John Ludwig’s PhD (SVP, BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer) upcoming presentation at PODD, October 10-11th, 2013, Boston, MA.

    John’s presentation on the Future of BioTherapeutics and the importance of drug delivery will shed light on:

    • The growing importance of Bio-therapeutics:Growing industry trends and Pfizer’s portfolio transformation in the past decade. Pfizer used to be 90:10 Small molecules to large molecules, where as now the mix has gone to 75:25 and probably equilibrate to 50:50 in the coming decade
    • Also, for the PODD audience, linking the importance of drug delivery technologies for medical and commercial product differentiation based on customer insights is going to be quite important and timely as these days, we see many combinations of ‘Diagnostics/ drug delivery injector as well as GPS based communication device like a i-Phone
    • I am sure he will discuss growing cost of product development and how it is being handled by Big-Pharma companies
    • Also, quite critical to the audience is to understand different and more creative ways of collaboration between Pharma and DDS technology developers: open innovation; early engagement; cost- and resource-sharing; non-competitive Consortiums, including those with Academia and educational institutions globally.
    • His discussion on how will the future of R&D investments and it’s  impact the drug delivery sector will shed light on the new “Business Models”, emergence of BUs within Pfizer, new Organizational structures for R & D in the last 5 years and also enhancement of BD Groups within Pharma is a great indicator of the new era in Pharmaceutical industry..