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The Problem Solver: Cancer. Diabetes. Liver disease.

  • April 23, 2015

  • April’s MIT Technology Review features a profile on PODD’s Annual Keynote Dr. Robert Langer. The piece titled, “The Problem Solver” explores the bioengineering challenges that Dr. Langer has and continues to work on.

    The Problem Solver by Amanda Schaffer

    When Robert Langer completed his doctorate in chemical engineering in 1974, he received around 20 offers from oil and chemical companies, including four from Exxon. Many of his peers went to work in the industry, but when confronted with the possibility of a professional life devoted to increasing oil yield by a fraction of a percent per year, he balked. “I don’t want to insult those companies,” he says, “but I hoped to have a greater impact on people’s lives.” After a protracted job search, he accepted a low-paying postdoctoral position at Children’s Hospital Boston, in the laboratory of the renowned surgeon and medical researcher Judah Folkman.

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