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PODD 2017: Drug Delivery Technologies Recap

  • October 23, 2017

  • The 7th annual Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD) conference provided 3 tracks, in 6 sessions, covering the widest range of drug delivery technologies, including:


    1. BD Medical: Delivers BD Libertas, a wearable auto-injector that automatically and subcutaneously administers high-volume or high-viscous biotech drugs.
    2. Bespak: Provides VapourSoft, an injectable valve technology that supports the delivery of high-viscous drugs.
    3. BioCorp: Offers Datapen, a smart, reusable injector pen adapted to chronic disease treatments and connected to a mobile app.
    4. Cambridge Design Partnership: Provides Klarus, a therapy management system that features a patient-centric design.
    5. Credence MedSystems: Supplies the Companion Safety Syringe System, which combines an injectable drug delivery system with a clear path to market for biotech and pharma partners.
    6. DALI Medical Devices: Develops and produces Safe Auto-Needle (SAN) injectors, which are intended for use with all types of syringes and primary drug containers.
    7. Enable Injections: Designs and manufactures on-body drug delivery devices that allow patients to self-administer high-volume or high-viscosity therapeutics.
    8. Flowonix Medical: Provides Prometra, a drug delivery system that administers medication directly into the fluid surrounding a patient’s spinal cord.
    9. Insulet: Offers OmniPod, an automated drug delivery platform designed to improve patient adherence.
    10. Mitsubishi Gas Chemical: Supplies OXY-CAPT, a multilayer plastic syringe and vial for parenterals.
    11. Nemera: Designs, develops and manufactures more than 750 million drug delivery devices annually.
    12. Portal Instruments: Provides a needle-free drug delivery platform that administers a small amount of medication through the skin in less than half a second.
    13. Sensile Medical: Delivers SenseCore, micro rotary piston pump technology that enables subcutaneous, self-administered delivery of biotech and pharma products.
    14. Vernay: Supplies a single-use, fixed-displacement micro pump that provides controlled dosing.
    15. West Pharmaceutical Services: Offers SmartDose, a wearable, subcutaneous injector with an integrated drug delivery system.
    16. Windgap Medical: Provides a rehydrating auto-injector that features one-step reconstitution and one-step injection.



    1. Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.: Developed the Enhanze(r) Platform, which enables high volume subcutaneous therapeutic delivery with greater speed, reduced frequency and variability.
    2. Phion Therapeutics Ltd.: Their RALA++ delivery system has In Viro proof-of-concept data showing the ability to achieve both full biodistribution and 30 fold tumour accumulation of anionic cargo.
    3. Oakwood Labs: Through the use of the Chroniject™ technology platform and decades of experience, scale-up challenges are minimal.
    4. Serina Therapeutics: Developed the clinical stage POZ platform which is employed to develop small molecule and protein conjugates to address significant and unmet medical diseases.
    5. Innocore Pharmaceuticals: Showcases several case-studies that the unique characteristics of how Gamma and LQP enable the creation of highly competitive long-acting injectable formulations of less potent small molecules for the treatment of chronic and site specific diseases.   
    6. pSivida Corporation: Their proven Duraset technology is a miniaturized insert (3.5mm in length and 0.37mm in diameter) that provides up to three years of drug delivery after a single intravitreal injection through a 25 gauge needle.
    7. Gerresheimer Medical Systems: Provided examples of how to address prefillable syringe systems related  topics regarding biocompatibility and end user safety.
    8. Cristal Therapeutics: Their proprietary CriPec(r) polymeric platform enables the design of customized nanomedicines and have the potential to provide enhanced efficacy and reduced side effect profiles.
    9. Ompi of America, Inc. (part of Stevanato Group): Illustrated a different needle protection system for PFS that requires no modification to the primary drug container and no need for additional assembling lines and it is the first device to provide a full needle shielding pre- and post-injection.
    10. Oval Medical Technologies: Production of innovative products that can achieve safe and effective outcomes in all patients benefits from the parallel development of the formulation, the primary drug container and the autoinjector.
    11. Elektrofi: They engineer high-concentration, low-viscosity protein formulations in the form of a Elektroject™ particle suspension.
    12. DelSiTech Ltd.: Presented data on sustained and zero order, release of a monoclonal antibody and shared results from two internal programs – a 3 month subcutaneous hepatitis B product (1308) and a long acting, intravitreal depot drug.
    13. PolyPid: Their PLEX™ drug delivery platform have demonstrated an excellent performance in clinical studies introducing best in class drugs for Surgical Site Infection management.
    14. Phillips-Medisize: Showcased advanced electronic injection technologies that for the core of a number of in-market and near-market devices with wireless connectivity built in, providing simple interfacing to their secure enterprise Connected Healthcare Platform.
    15. Phosphorex: They develop tailored solutions to optimize complex therapeutics’ release rate, targeting ability, solubility and bioavailability, thereby achieving desired therapeutic outcomes while reducing adverse clinical effects.
    16. Infuseon Therapeutics: Leading the clinical development of the Cleveland Multiport Catheter, which was engineered to produce reliable, targeted distribution of a wide range of therapeutic classes to the brain.



    1. Adare Pharmaceuticals: Provides patient-centric approaches to drug formulation across a broad spectrum of medical conditions — from quality of life to life-saving medications.
    2. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals: Aprecia’s ZipDose has transformed three-dimensional printing to a commercial process that can produce high-dose, rapidly disintegrating dosage forms that are as easy to take as a sip of liquid.
    3. Evonik Corporation: Evonik has recently developed novel drug delivery concepts for BCS3 and BCS4 compounds that are designed to modify transcellular and paracellular uptake pathways.
    4. Leon-nanodrugs: Leon’s proprietary MicroJetReactor (MJR®) Technology platform provides a solution to overcome one of the key issues of most marketed therapeutics, poor water solubility, a pre-requisite for drug uptake into the body.
    5. DS Technology: The XStraw® is an oral drug delivery device for easy application and it leads to increased compliance for the target populations of pediatrics and geriatrics. It contains medication as multi particulates in a straw and can be used with nearly any oral deliverable active ingredients and with many different beverages.
    6. Intract Pharma: Intract has developed specialist models and proprietary formulation technologies to enhance the oral delivery of small molecules, biopharmaceuticals and live biotherapeutic products to the colon.
    7. iCeutica: Provides bioavailability enhancement using their SoluMatrix® Fine Particle Technology. A more recent dry (waterless) media milling technology has been developed to eliminate the need of a drying step when compared to wet milled solid dosage formulations and provide a rapid path for product development.
    8. Lonza Pharma & Biotech / Capsugel: Presented two case studies. The first highlighted the design of spray dried dispersion (SDD) formulations. The second focused on delayed release using Vcaps® Enteric capsules.



    1. LayerBio: LayerBio is developing novel sustained-release products for ophthalmology and dermatology based on its proprietary LayerFormTM and PolyNetTM delivery platforms.
    2. Exicure: Provides topically applied gene regulation agents. Spherical Nucleic Acids (SNA) are DNA and RNA arranged around a nanoparticle core; The architecture of SNAs allow the entry into cells and tissues without the use of chemical or physical transfection agents.
    3. Novaflux, Inc: Biomedical implants may frequently become host to biofilm-based infections. Novaflux introduces a new class of plastic biomaterials incorporating high concentrations of antimicrobials (20% wt/vol) that are capable of eluting biologically active agent in a sustained fashion.
    4. Ocular Therapeutix, Inc: Utilizes their proprietary hydrogel platform technology to create drug product candidates in several different therapeutic areas within ophthalmology. DEXTENZATM, dexamethasone intracanalicular insert, has completed Phase 3 clinical development for the treatment of ocular pain and inflammation following ophthalmic surgery.
    5. Suono Bio: Suono Bio, Inc. is developing technology to enable ultra-rapid delivery of therapeutics and macromolecules across tissues without the need for reformulation or encapsulation.
    6. Vaxess Technologies: The MIMIX microneedle offers the only means of sustaining intradermal delivery of proteins, peptides, hormones, mRNA, and viruses. MIMIX was inspired by MIT research that shows sustained vaccine delivery that “mimics” natural infections increases antibody and T-cell responses.
    7. Micron Biomedical, Inc: Developing a novel, proprietary, applicator-free, painless microneedle patch technology to improve and simplify the delivery of injectable drugs and vaccines.
    8. Amorphex Therapeutics: TodddTM is a soft, non-invasive device floats on the scleral tear film completely concealed beneath the eyelid. Its drug specific polymeric materials release micro-doses 24/7 for months between replacements that take less than a minute.

    Read a full recap of the 7th annual PODD event here.

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