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PODD 2017: Drug Delivery System (DDS) Technology Soapbox Recap

  • October 23, 2017

  • The 2017 Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD) conference featured a drug delivery system (DDS) technology Soapbox session, sponsored by Pfizer, that enabled entrepreneurs, university researchers and others to discuss cutting-edge ideas and inventions. Presenting companies included:

    1. Primo Technologies: Primo Technologies is a “tough on cancer” clinical-stage company located in the Boston area. Their technology emphasizes the treatment of diseases more effectively, with minimal side effects. To date, Primo has developed a mucoadhesive and nanoparticles designed to address tumors and continues to explore innovative ways to treat cancer.
    2. Subcuject: Subcuject offers a disposable, wearable bolus injector (WBI) for large-volume injections. The Subcuject WBI leverages osmotic technology that delivers controlled pressure via salt water. Key benefits of Subcuject’s WBI include a simple design that features no electronics, few moving parts and minimal production costs.
    3. BioHealthWays: BioHealthWays focuses on preventable blindness, a health issue that affects millions of people globally. The company specializes in biomaterials and offers nanotechnology-based delivery systems for ocular biologic therapeutics. BioHealthWays supplies an implantable DDS designed to provide sustained release of biologics for six months or more.
    4. Taithera: Taithera offers a bone-targeted drug delivery platform. It is the first orthopedic-focused drug company, and they use a targeted peptide that focuses only on healing bone lesions. Taithera also provides the first drug to heal bones.
    5. Vesselon: Vesselon prioritizes microbubble-assisted therapy. They offer a drug delivery platform that combines ultrasound and microbubble technologies to administer drugs across tissue barriers and into a specific target without any modifications. The Vesselon microbubble has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for diagnostic use as a contrast agent for ultrasound imaging.
    6. Alcyone LifeSciences: Alcyone LifeSciences provides drug delivery device platforms for rare disorders. The Alcyone MEMS Cannula (AMC) offers precise convection-enhanced central nervous system (CNS) delivery directly to a neurological target. Alcyone also provides the Pular smart intrathecal delivery system.
    7. Lindy BioSciences: Lindy BioSciences offers high-concentration formulations for biologics. The company emphasizes simple drug delivery for patients and focuses on administering high doses of biologics in small volumes. Lindy provides Microglassification suspensions, which remove the majority of water from solutions of proteins or other biologics, resulting in solid, spherical and amorphous microbeads.

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