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Why it’s important to present an event on Government Drug Pricing?

  • December 4, 2014

  • Why it’s important to present an event on Government Drug Pricing?

    Since 2012, the Government Pricing industry primarily focused its energy on Medicaid as they awaited the AMP Final Rule. The changes with the 340B program and the shift in payer mix to MMCOs caused operational challenges, increased financial, compliance and contractual burdens. With the increase in complexity of government pricing, the Conference Forum has expanded its coverage and is presenting a Government Drug Pricing Forum for Government Contracting and Pricing /Reimbursement professionals.

    The GDP Forum will cover changes in MDRP, 340B, Tricare and Medicaid Managed Care. It specifically addresses the AMP Final Rule, HRSA guidance and price reporting, rise of contract pharmacies, new state reporting requirements and government and commercial contracting rules.

    This event brings together CMS, FDA, IRS, HRSA, States and OIG to address how to be compliant with separate agency requirements. Attendees will walk away with a thorough overview of healthcare trends and GDP policies that drive strategic decisions and operational plans.

    Important Facts*:

    • Did you know that Medicaid will drive a big influence on drug channels
    • Did you know that managed Medicaid will bring new utilization and channel management obstacles?
    • Did you know that generic consolidation will challenge contracting and GP calculations?
    • Did you know that private payers will slowly and carefully adopt APM based reimbursement?
    • Did you know that most hospitals don’t offer 340B pricing to uninsured patients?
    • Did you know that hospitals and pharmacies will be confronted with 340B profits and shift blame to pharma?
    • Did you know that more than 20% of US pharmacy locations are now 340B contract pharmacies? 

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    *Important Facts source: Pembroke Consulting presentation at 2014 MRS Summit.