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Seven New Government Drug Pricing Announcements Covered at the GDP Forum

  • December 8, 2014

  • In addition to the expanded coverage on MDRP, 340B, Tricare, Medicaid Managed Care, AMP Final Rule, HRSA guidance & price reporting, rise of contract pharmacies, new state reporting requirements and government and commercial contracting rules, we are pleased to let you know that the GDP Forum will also address these six important announcements:

    #1: OIG announced it will investigate AMP compliance, ASP Price comparisons, 340B duplicate discounts, and rebates paid to MMCOs in 2015

    #2: PhRMA challenged HRSA orphan drug exclusion

    #3: GAO released a report that 340B program needs federal oversight

    #4: HRSA requested the ability to collect pricing information

    #5: CMS announced AMP Final Rule will be published with the AMP-Based FUL guidance

    #6: HRSA announced it will publish two regulations in 2015

    #7: Pricing pressures are suddenly coming from new players. Hospital groups (i.e. the SNHPA) have publically debated manufacturers’ decisions to use specialty distributors, causing higher costs to select providers.

    Speakers on these topics include:

    • Ann Maxwell, OIG
    • Robert Vito, OIG
    • Alice Valder Curran, Hogan Lovells
    • John Shakow, King & Spaulding
    • Lori Reilly, PhRMA
    • Laurel Todd, BIO