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Dpharm Europe Speaker Alexander Masters on Crowd Funding Cancer Cures

  • July 6, 2016

  • Alexander Masters, Author, Campaigner and Co-Founder,

    Alexander Masters & Craig Lipset at DPharm Europe

    We are delighted to highlight the latest piece printed in the London Telegraph by DPharm Europe speaker, Alexander Masters on the latest in a new financial paradigm to help fight cancer.

    From the Telegraph:

    The first person in the world to receive the only crowd-funded cancer drug in history will be Jan Smørlung, a village fire inspector, who doesn’t mind us pointing our camera lens at his groin. ‘Yes, thank you. I am happy to assist the world,’ he says.

    A plump, healthy-looking man with a fresh haircut, wearing a white T-shirt, he looks like someone who rows out into misty forest lakes to catch a fish for breakfast. He has two children, six grandchildren and not much time.

    For over a decade, Jan’s consultant, world famous clinician Kjell Öberg, has held back the inevitable with every treatment so far known to medicine, from chemotherapy to small radioactive balls dribbled into Jan’s blood.

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    Listen to Alexander’s Story on PharmaTalk Radio

    Craig Lipset, MBA, Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D, Pfizer speaks with Alexander Masters, Author, Medical Campaigner and Co-Founder, on:

    • The story of the formation of and the Oncolytic Virus Fund
    • An alternative way to make clinical trials more accessible
    • Ethical and moral issues
    • A possible disruptive and sustainable model for other neglected medicines

    Listen to the program here.