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Learning From Mistakes: Ulo Palm, SVP, Drug Development and Research Operations, Forest Laboratories

  • November 14, 2014

  • Outsourced Pharma and Clinical Leader’s Chief Editor, Ed Miseta reports on Ulo Palm’s Dpharm session:

    I have always been taught you can learn as much from your mistakes as you can from your successes. Oftentimes the lessons learned are much more valuable than what you glean from those positive outcomes. While all learning experiences are valuable, unfortunately some can come at a fairly high price. If the lesson is learned at work, and the cost is sufficiently high, you may even have concerns about your career. That is a situation that Ulo Palm, SVP of Drug Development and Research Operations for Forest Laboratories (recently acquired by Actavis), once faced. Palm shared this personal story during the Dirty Laundry session at the 2014 Disruptive Innovations conference.

    “This lesson happened years ago during what I like to call the dark ages of patient recruitment,” says Palm. “Back then, we did not have the Internet, social media, and other sophisticated tools. You had to review investigator lists and call them to find out how many patients they could enroll in a study. Those who have done this can tell you it is not a very efficient way of managing recruitment.”

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