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Does Being Disruptively Innovative Translate Into Being More Patient-Centric?

  • October 2, 2015

  • By Rob Wright, Chief Editor, Life Science Leader

    Everyone has experienced poor customer service in one form or another. Say you want to call a company with a question or a complaint about a product. After being prompted to press a series of buttons to get you to the right person, you’re likely to be informed by an automated voice that, “Due to the high volume of calls we are currently experiencing, your anticipated wait time will be X minutes.  For faster and more convenient customer service, please visit our website at www.wedon’

    Every time I encounter these kinds of scenarios I get the impression that the company isn’t doing a good job of understanding the needs of its customers. After all, if they are truly receiving a “high volume” of calls, wouldn’t that be an indicator that their customers prefer the telephone as a means of communicating?  And sending those customers on a second errand — searching through your website — may not be the best way to strengthen that company/customer bond.

    In the biopharmaceutical industry, everyone is talking about strengthening the company/patient bond, hence the proliferation of patient-centric programs and initiatives, especially those pertaining to clinical trials.

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