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  • "The conference was amazing. I learned and felt invigorated and even more committed to ensure the voice of the patient is heard!"

    - Pam Bennett, Purdue Pharma

  • "I think it was an excellent and balanced meeting where everybody had a voice and everybody listened. This spirit is key as we make progress!"

    - Tony Hoos, Amgen Europe

  • "It was a well planned, well run, and a productive meeting. I learned a lot and plan to follow up on several things that were mentioned. I am especially interested in promoting the replication of EUPATI in the United States!"

    - Megan O'Boyle, Phelan-McDermid Syndrome International Registry

  • "This is my 2nd year at this meeting – and it is the one place where I really learn from the patients/advocates and from others in industry and research. The honest dialogue is highly valued."

    - Kathleen Foley, Pfizer

  • "I learned so much being a part of this forum and am grateful to have been included as a speaker as well as a participant."

    - Christi Marsh, UCBCares

  • "I found the conference to be very informative and also a great networking opportunity."

    - Mary Murray, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

  • "There was great conversation that really seemed to resonate with participants."

    - Kimberly McCleary, FasterCures

  • "It was truly amazing to see people from all aspects of the industry get together to discuss patient centricity and focusing on them."

    - Jeffrey Golden, Acurian, Inc

  • "Great conference, diverse topics of conversation and speaker selection- looking forward to future events."

    - Jamie Gilbride, BBK Worldwide

  • "It was a very focused meeting, allowing the chosen topic to be discussed in detail, well organized. One of the best meetings I have attended in a while."

    - Kiran Dole, Novartis

  • "Good variety of topics. I learned about new initiatives, new vocabulary, new groups/sponsors that I can share with my colleagues."

    - Jacqueline Cole, Eli Lilly

  • "Excellent cast of speakers & panelists."

    - Dianne Edwards, Reading Hospital

  • "Cool conference, looking forward to many more."

    - Wes Martz, ePharmaSolutions

  • "The energy and excitement for engaging patients was stimulating. It was a good introduction to the technology advancements."

    - Jill Collins, INC Research