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2016 Agenda

  • 8:00 am

  • Registration & Breakfast

    Registration hosted by

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  • 8:30 am

  • Chair’s Opening Remarks

    Barbara Lueckel, PhD
    Head of Research and Technologies Partnering, Roche

  • 8:45 am

  • Opening Keynote Address

    New Ways to Deliver Drugs and Cells

    Robert Langer, PhD
    David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT

  • 9:30 am

  • Featured Keynote

    Genome Engineering – Delivery and Testing

    George Church, PhD
    Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

  • 10:15 am

  • Networking Break & Partnering Meetings, Exhibits Open

  • 11:15 am

  • Exploring Creative Partnering Models to Support Tomorrow’s Healthcare Innovations

    While big pharma continues to make investments that have a defined pay-out, there is far less enthusiasm to fund adventurous initiatives that are high-risk investments at a very early stage. This panel will explore novel partnering models to create opportunities to develop the future healthcare innovations of tomorrow while mitigating risk.

    Richard Korsmeyer, PhD
    Executive Director, Advanced External Projects, Technology & Innovation Group, Pfizer

    PJ Anand
    Founder, President and CEOAlcyone Lifesciences

    Bonnie Fendrock
    Co-Founder and CEO, Cyta Therapeutics

    Stephen Gerrard, PhD
    Program Officer, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls, Global Health / Integrated Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    Donald Lombardi
    Founder and President, Institute for Pediatric Innovation

    Rosemarie Truman
    Director of Innovation Impact, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • 12:00 pm

  • Partnering Case Study featuring Pfizer and AstraZeneca

    In this session, pharma and biotech representatives will discuss lessons learned from forging successful drug delivery partnerships.

    Barbara Lueckel, PhD
    Head of Research and Technologies Partnering, Roche

    Tony Eglezos
    VP, Business Development, Starpharma

    Denis Patrick, PhD
    Executive Director, Head External R&D Innovation, Oncology Research Unit, Pfizer, Inc

    Adam McNulty, MBA
    Scientific Partnering & Alliances, AstraZeneca

    Greg Troiano
    VP, Nanomedicine Development & ManufacturingPfizer, Inc

  • 12:40 pm

  • Drug Delivery - The Year in Review

    Josef Bossart, PhD
    Executive Editor, PharmaCircle LLC

  • 1:00 pm

  • Lunch & Partnering Meetings

  • 2:00 pm

  • Drug Delivery Technology Presentations in Three Tracks

    Brief Break from 3:45 – 4:00 pm

    • Track 1: Injectable Formulation Technologies

      Ann Daugherty, PhD
      Senior Manager, Drug Delivery, Genentech

      Companies are presenting injectable formulation technologies, such as nanoparticles, microspheres, liposomes, drug conjugates, sustained release depots and implants.

      Presenting Companies:

      2:00 pm
      Innovative Nanomedicines for Enhanced Therapeutic Performance
      Cristal Therapeutics develops innovative nanomedicines for an enhanced therapeutic performance. Preliminary promising results on the clinical evaluation of CriPec® docetaxel will be presented.
      Cristianne Rijcken, MD
      Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Cristal Therapeutics

      2:15 pm
      Oakwood Labs, Chroniject™ Technology
      Oakwood’s patented sustained-release injectable microsphere technology, called Chroniject™, and Oakwood’s clinical and commercial manufacturing capabilities.
      Tracy Richey MD, PhD
      Principal Scientist, Formulation Development, Oakwood Labs

      2:30 pm
      The ENHANZE Platform
      Reducing the patient and healthcare burden by potentially enabling subcutaneous delivery of therapeutics with greater speed and volumes with reduced frequency and variability.
      Kenneth Schultz, MD
      VP of Innovation, Strategy, and Business Development, Halozyme Therapeutics

      2:45 pm
      DEP Dendrimers in Drug Delivery

      Starpharma’s patented DEP™ technology exploits the benefits of clinically validated polylsine dendrimers to deliver a therapeutic payload in a precise way to achieve desired therapeutic goals.
      Tony Eglezos
      VP, Business Development, Starpharma

      3:00 pm
      SynBiosys  Sustained Release Microspheres for Parenteral Drug Delivery
      Demonstrating excellent safety, control over release kinetics and effective preservation of drug integrity, InnoCore’s SynBiosys biodegradable polymeric drug delivery platform exhibits all requirements to develop complex parenteral sustained release microsphere formulations for all classes of drug molecules.
      Rob Steendam, PhD
      Chief Technology Officer, InnoCore Pharma

      3:15 pm
      Creating Value with the BEPO Technology Combined with a Non-traditional Collaborative Model
      The presentation will focus on long-acting injectables benefits and opportunities and on BEPO specific features including improved patient compliance, efficacy and safety aspects, as well as, versatility, formulation development and manufacturing costs aspects.
      Christophe Roberge
      Chief Technology Officer, Medincell

      3:30 pm
      POZ – The Next Generation in Polymer Drug Delivery
      Serina Therapeutics, Inc is a pharmaceutical research and development company that has developed a proprietary, patented polymer technology platform for drug development (POZTM) based upon poly(oxazoline).
      Randall Moreadith, MD, PhD
      CEO, Serina Therapeutics

      3:45 pm
      Networking Break

      4:00 pm
      Novel, Sustained-release, Micro-suspension to Reduce Repeated Epidural Steroid Injections
      SpineThera has developed a novel, sustained-release, corticosteroid micro-suspension that we believe will provide durable pain relief from a single epidural injection.
      Jeff Missling
      CEO, SpineThera

      4:15 pm
      Delivering More Drug Where It’s Needed
      Safer, yet more effective treatment is a key goal in oncology drug delivery. Intezyne’s IVECT nanoparticle platform achieves this objective by delivering more drug to the tumor and reducing damage to healthy tissue.
      Kevin Sill, PhD
      CEO, Intezyne Technologies

      4:30 pm
      Silica Matrix for Controlled Drug Release
      DelSiTech’s technology is a biodegradable, biocompatible silica-based controlled /extended release platform for non-oral dosage forms.
      Cora Griffin, PhD
      Business Development Director, DelSiTech

      4:45 pm
      Engineering Uniform Particles to Improve Drug Performance
      Liquida has developed a simple, scalable solution to improve medicines by molding uniform drug particles at the micro and nanoscale.
      Kevin Herlihy, PhD
      Principal Scientist, PRINT Formulation, Liquidia

      5:00 pm
      Use of Next Generation Sequence Modified Albumin Variants for Improving Drug Half-life, Delivery, and Payload Capacity
      Albumedix has developed next generation sequence modified albumin variants with both improved half-life and API payload capacity that show enhanced performance in various animal models.
      Daniel Shelly, PhD, MBA
      Director, Business Development, Albumedix

      5:15 pm
      AnestaGel Matrix BioHydrogel
      InSitu Biologics researches, develops, tests and manufactures implantable time release products composed of its proprietary tunable, bio-polymeric hydrogel, Matrix™BioHydrogel.
      James Segermark
      CEO, InSitu Biologics

      5:30 pm
      Novel Long Lasting Intravenous Analgesic Formulations for the Treatment of Postoperative Pain with Opioid Sparing

      Here we report the development of novel injectable NSAID and COX II products formulated using Altus micellar SmartCelle technology. Along with the benefits to patients and cost of treatment of reduced injection frequency, we propose that such increased exposure to sustained drug levels will have a significant opioid sparing effect in a multimodal regimen.
      Damon Smith, PhD

    • Track 2A: Non-Injectable Technologies - Oral

      Mark Wilson, PhD
      Director, PTS, R&D, GSK

      Companies are presenting oral drug delivery technologies, such as controlled release, bioavailability-enhancing and solubility technologies.

      Presenting Companies:

      2:00 pm
      What Do You Do When Spray Drying and Melt Extrusion Fail to Solve Your Poorly Soluble Drug’s Problems?
      Three case studies illustrating the application of KinetiSol® to produce optimum drug products with highly challenging insoluble compounds.
      Dave Miller
      VP, R&D, Dispersol

      2:15 pm
      Polymer-free Materials for Truly Controllable Drug Delivery – Introduction to Applications for Oral and Long Acting Injectable Formulations
      Discussion of the opportunities for using materials for enhancing drug delivery; both injectable and oral formulations, and both small and large molecules.
      Gemma Budd
      Healthcare Business Manager, Lucideon

      2:30 pm
      Addressing Adherence Challenges for Drugs Having pH-dependent Solubility

      Creating sustainable acidic or basic pH microenvironments within coated beads to optimize pharmacokinetics and create patient-centric formulations.
      Anthony Recupero, PhD
      Senior Director, Business Development, Adare Pharmaceuticals

      2:45 pm
      MicroJetReactor Technology: A Novel Approach for Nanotechnology-based Reformulation of Poorly Water-soluble Drugs
      Presentation of MicroJet Reactor Technology: A Novel Approach for Nanotechnology Reformulation of poor water-soluble drugs (BCS II/IV).
      Elke Horstkotte, PhD
      Senior Project Manager, leon-nanodrugs

      3:00 pm
      Oral Absorption Benefits of Eligen® Technology

      Emisphere’s Eligen® Technology has been proven to enhance the oral delivery of molecules that are not normally permeable through gastro-intestinal membranes. Peptides, proteins, and other molecules that have been successfully delivered orally will be discussed.
      David Gschneidner
      Lead Chemist, Emisphere

      3:15 pm
      Nanoporous Silica for Advanced Drug Delivery
      Nanologica’s nanoporous silica technology is a versatile drug delivery platform with a key feature of stabilizing drugs in their amorphous form. Clinical benefits of NLAB Silica ™ technology will be demonstrated in case studies.
      Paulina Paszkiewicz, MD
      Business Developer, Drug Delivery, Nanologica

      3:30 pm
      EUDRATEC® PEP – Switching Biologics from Parenteral to Oral Administration

      Multi-unit oral dosage forms with EUDRATEC® PEP  for oral delivery of macromolecules and poorly permeable small molecule drugs.  The platform technology offers the synergistic combination of modules for bioavailability enhancement with a tailored release profile in the gastrointestinal tract.
      Hans Baer, MSc
      Senior Project Manager, Drug Delivery Services, Pharma Polymers & Services, Nutrition & Care, Evonik

      3:45 pm
      Networking Break

      Track 2B:  Non-Injectable – Oral, Mucosal, Transdermal
      Companies are presenting a variety of non-injectable technologies, such as transdermal patches, microneedle patches, mucosal technologies, and oral delivery systems.

      Presenting Companies:

      4:00 pm
      RapidFACT: Reducing the Time and Cost for Optimizing Drug Product Formulations
      What is Translational Pharmaceutics and what are the benefits? RapidFACT – accelerated screening and optimization of formulations based upon clinical data. Applications and case studies – solubility enhancement and modified release formulation optimization.
      Kieran Crowley, PhD
      Senior Scientific Director, North America, Quotient Clinical

      4:15 pm
      Molded Polymer Dosage Forms – Current and Future Applications in Women’s Health
      Molded and extruded polymeric dosage forms for long-term drug delivery have found a number of significant applications in the field of women’s health.
      James Arps, PhD
      Director of Pharma Services, Promed Pharma

      4:30 pm
      Bioavailability Optimization Technology(TM) the Next Generation in Micronization
      CritiTech’s Bioavailability Optimization Technology(TM) represents the next generation in micronization, providing unique, excipient free nanoparticles with an exponential increase in surface area and dissolution rate.
      Larry Dickinson
      Chief Commercial Officer, CritiTech

      4:45 pm
      Advances in “Drug in Adhesive” Transdermal Patches
      Medherant has developed a superior novel adhesive for use in transdermal patches which allows higher drug loading without compromising adhesion, delivers more drug through the skin and therefore can achieve higher transdermal drug dosing over sustained time periods.
      Nigel Theobald
      Commercial Director, Medherant Ltd

      5:00 pm
      IntraTab™ Presents: Sublingual Drug Delivery Technology™ (SDDT™) Our Proprietary Platform for Transmucosal Delivery
      SDDT™ is the first and only patented delivery technology that transports APIs which are not natively amenable to transmucosal delivery. SDDT™ allows for API’s normally administered via inhalation, injection or transdermally to be rapidly administered orally with no First Pass Effect.
      John McCarty
      President, IntraTab Labs

      5:15 pm
      Applicator-free Microneedle Patch Technology for Skin Delivery

      Micron Biomedical is a clinical stage company that is developing a novel, proprietary, applicator-free, painless microneedle patch technology to improve and simplify the delivery of injectable drugs and vaccines. Micron Biomedical’s technology, capabilities and partnering strategy will be discussed.
      Sebastien Henry, MS, MBA
      VP, Program Management, Micron Biomedical

      5:30 pm
      Protection or Absorption? What is Your Focus in the Oral Delivery of Large Molecules; Perhaps We Should Focus on Both.

      Entera Bio is currently focused on developing an oral formulation of PTH 1-34 (Teriparatide). By focusing on both protection of the molecule and GI absorption, Entera has been able to significantly reduce interpatient and intrapatient variability. This short presentation will focus on some of data generated from multiple Phase 1 and Phase 2 studies in hypoparathyroidism. 
      Phillip Schwartz, PhD 

      CEO, Entera Bio

    • Track 3: Drug Delivery Device Technologies

      Ulrich Bruggemann
      Head, Academics & Innovation, Sanofi

      Companies are presenting device technologies, such as wearable drug delivery systems, needle-free devices, pre-filled syringes, auto-injectors, and other enabling devices.

      Presenting Companies:

      2:00 pm
      Improving Adherence by Optimizing the Patient Experience
      By improving the delivery experience, pharmaceutical companies and their device partner can provide greater adherence and improved clinical outcomes.
      Michael Graffeo
      VP, Business Development, Drug Delivery, Insulet

      2:15 pm
      The Intuitiveness, Ergonomics and Usability of the Credence Companion® Safety Syringe: A Formative Study
      Credence will share results from the latest User Study, which explored intuitiveness of use and user preference.
      John Merhige
      Chief Commercial Officer, Credence Medsystems

      2:30 pm
      Tailoring the Autoinjection with SAFELIA®
      Safelia autoinjectors allow large possibility of design tailoring for optimizing self-injection. Based on 1ml and 2.25ml prefilled syringes injections, Safelia adapts to administer rapidly, through thinner needles, high volumes, high viscosities.
      Isabelle Delcroix
      Strategy Director, Nemera

      2:45 pm
      Next Generation Needle Free Drug Delivery Device
      What if there was a way to inject high viscosity biologics, without the pain, anxiety, and risks of handling needles? We will introduce Portal Instruments’ revolutionary drug delivery system.
      Patrick Anquetil
      CEO, Portal Instruments

      3:00 pm
      Improving Outpatient Drug Delivery Compliance
      The drive toward improving outpatient drug delivery starts with the primary container.
      Kevin Schmid 
      Senior Director Combinational Products, Stevanato Group

      3:15 pm
      Patient Centric Shift- challenges and Trends in Drug Delivery
      Discussion of the current trends and challenges for biologics overall and specific to integrated containment systems.
      Gurmeet Singh
      Director, Market Development, West Pharma

      3:30 pm
      Smart Devices are Reshaping the Drug Delivery Landscape – But How to Efficiently Drive Their Adoption?
      Smart drug delivery devices are now a reality – but what does “smart” really mean? How these innovations can fit in regulatory, industrial, and data privacy constraints?
      Eric Dessertenne, PharmD, MBA
      Head of Business Development and Commercial Operations, Biocorp

      3:45 pm
      Networking Break

      4:00 pm
      Insights into Providing Integrated Drug Delivery Solutions to Address the Challenge of Higher Volume and High Viscosity Biologics
      During this talk, we will highlight Bespak’s newest auto injector line Syrina™ as well as the cutting edge powerpack system Vapoursoft™.
      Steven Kaufman
      Global Business Development Lead, Bespak

      4:15 pm
      Micro-Pump Delivery Systems: Patchpumps vs. Belt-worn Devices
      Micro-pumps offer new options for drug delivery, opening up new and improved treatments. This presentation explores the pros and cons of each option – depending on patient needs, therapy options and drug requirements.
      Gerhard Mayer, PhD
      VP, Business Development, Sensile

      4:30 pm
      Assuring Adherence with a Microchip-based Drug Delivery Implant
      Microchips Biotech is fulfilling the promise of implantable drug delivery and disease management systems to transform people’s lives and the way healthcare is delivered.
      Cheryl Blanchard, PhD
      President and CEO, Microchips Biotech

      4:45 pm
      DCI – A Reconstitution Platform Technology
      A novel reconstitution platform that combines proven, industry-standard drug containers to deliver enhanced drug separation integrity and improved human factors.
      Dave Seaward, MD
      Projects Director, 3P Innovation

      5:00 pm
      Quantex Single-use Micro-pump for Drug Delivery
      Overview of novel design and test results based on a  rotary fixed-displacement pumping principle which exhibits low running torque, high output pressure (>30psig) and insensitivity to fluid viscosity.
      Paul Pankhurst
      CEO, Quantex

      5:15 pm
      Connectivity as an Overall Brand Strategy
      Connected devices offer value beyond the delivery of a drug. The data provides the opportunity to measure and improve real-world drug performance, driving success in a value-based environment.
      Alexander Dahmani
      Co-founder and CEO, Quio

      5:30 pm
      Addressing Challenges in Biologic Drug Delivery through Innovations in Lubricious Barrier Coatings
      Advances in Omniflex fluoropolymer barrier coating technology at Datwyler allow manufacturers of injection devices to dramatically reduce silicone-oil-based subvisible particles and achieve highly consistent delivery forces.
      Susan Dounce, PhD
      Senior Manager, Business Development & Innovation, Injection Systems, Datwyler

      5:45 pm
      Making Innovation Investment Count
      Cambridge Design Partnership is on a mission to improve innovation ROI. In this talk we’ll highlight some of the counter-intuitive lessons we’re learning along the way and the principles, approaches and tools that we’ve found can reduce risk, reduce time to market and deliver innovation with improved ROI.
      Alan Cucknell
      Front End Innovation Leader, Cambridge Design Partnership

  • 6:00 pm

  • Networking Reception

    Cocktail Reception hosted by:

    3M Logo

2016 Agenda

  • 8:00 am

  • Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall and Partnering Meetings

  • 8:30 am

  • Chair’s Welcome

    Barbara Lueckel, PhD
    Head of Research and Technologies Partnering, Roche

  • 8:40 am

  • Opening Keynote Presentation

    Innovations in Healthcare

    Mir Imran, MS
    Chairman & CEO, InCube Labs

  • 9:20 am

  • Keynote Presentation: How Biogen Thinks about Next Generation Biologics Manufacturing

    Jorg Thommes, PhD
    SVP, Technical Development, Biogen

  • 10:00 am

  • Device Strategies and Solutions for High Volume / High Viscosity Drugs

    A significant number of drugs are high volume and/or highly viscous and pose delivery challenges. This panel will engage in a discussion focused on practical strategies and solutions for delivering high volume/high viscosity drugs.

    Shawn Davis, PhD
    Principal Engineer of Device Strategy and Advanced Technology, Amgen

    Atul Patel
    Director, Device Development, Biogen

    David Haase, MBA
    Senior Manager, Device Development, Genentech, Inc

    Bill Welch
    Chief Technology Officer, Phillips-Medisize

    Chris McKenzie
    Consumer Industrial and MedicalBattelle

    Mike Hooven
    President and CEOEnable Injections
  • 10:50 am

  • Networking Break in Exhibit Hall and Partnering Meetings

  • 11:30 am

  • 6th Annual Company Spotlights

    In this session, three pharmaceutical companies will present their partnering philosophy, current needs and scouting interests, as related to drug delivery.

    Anthony Trupiano
    Head, Combination Product Device Development, R&D

    James Cunningham, PhD
    Director, Ocular Drug Delivery

    Marta Corcoran, PhD
    Senior Scientist, Drug Delivery and Device Development

    Paul Roussel
    Associate Director Device Development

  • 12:30 pm

  • Luncheon Roundtable Session & Partnering Meetings

    The PODD Luncheon Roundtable session is open to all delegates and features a dedicated moderator. Roundtables are an excellent way to engage in in-depth discussions and meet colleagues with similar interests. Be sure to pick up a Grab-and-Go lunch to enjoy during the roundtable discussion.

    Sponsored by:

    Biogen Logo

    Intrathecal and Brain Drug Delivery

    Kapil Gupta
    Principal Scientist and Group Leader, Protein Pharmaceutical and Device Development, Biogen

    Vishwesh Patil, PhD
    Scientist II, Technical Development, Biogen

    Haiming Wu
    Principal Engineer, Technical Development, Biogen

  • 1:30 pm

  • Improving Therapeutic Outcomes using Digital Drug Delivery

    Technology and medicine are converging to bring digital therapeutics to the market. There are a number of new products incorporating electronics and connectivity to improve compliance, adherence and monitoring of drug therapy. The panel will discuss important issues in this emerging field:

    • Emerging products and opportunities – “smart” pills, microchip-based implants, digital inhalers
    • Potential benefits of digitally-enabled drug delivery products
    • User-interface and patient experience
    • Can data collection improve outcomes?

    Robert Farra
    EVP and Chief Technology Officer, Microchips Biotech, Inc

    Christopher Bettinger, PhD
    Associate Professor, Departments of Biomedical Engineering & Materials Science, Carnegie Mellon University

    Christopher Coletta, PhD
    Independent Consultant / Former Director of Drug Delivery Innovation, Amgen

    Eric Elenko, PhD
    EVP, Science and Technology, PureTech

    Christoph Klaus, MBA
    CEO, Balda US

    Yuri Maricich, MD
    VP of Clinical Development, Pear Therapeutics

  • 2:10 pm

  • DDS Technology Soapbox@PODD sponsored by Pfizer

    The DDS Soapbox is specifically designed for inventors and early-stage companies to give a 5-minute “pitch” or presentation to the audience. This session is open to start-ups, emerging companies, entrepreneurs, licensing officers and university researchers.

    David Chen, PhD
    Principal Scientist, Novel Delivery Technologies, Pfizer Inc

    Cam Med LLC
    Evopump: The First Truly Bandage-like Patch Pump

    Cam Med LLC is developing the Evopump, a bandage-like, actively controllable patch pump for delivering one or multiple injectable medications.
    Larry Alberts
    Co-founder and CEO

    Carnegie Mellon University
    Edible Electronics: Materials & Structures for Ingestible Medical Devices

    This talk will describe recent advances in bioinspired materials for potential use in edible devices. Recent discoveries include the use of melanin-based pigments as biocompatible materials for on-board energy storage.
    Christopher Bettinger, PhD
    Associate Professor, Departments of Biomedical Engineering & Materials Science

    Spherical Nucleic Acids as Potent Immune Modulatory Agents

    Exicure is developing Spherical Nucleic Acids. The results of our Phase I trial in psoriasis patients and our pre-clinical TLR9 immuno- oncology work with Spherical Nucleic Acids will be discussed.
    David Giljohann, PhD

    NEUWAY Pharma
    CNS Drug Delivery

    NEUWAY Pharma presents its proprietary CNS Drug Delivery Technology which allows the transport of different types of drugs to the cells of the CNS. The technology is based on a protein which forms capsules whose lumen can be filled with different types of molecules.
    Heiko Manninga, PhD
    Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer

    Proteo Thera
    Matrix-Binding Fusions for Local Drug Delivery and Sustained Retention

    Potential therapeutics will not be effective if they are unable to reach their targeted tissue and remain there long enough for activity, especially in poorly vascularized tissues with densely packed matrix. ProteoThera solves this problem with a proprietary matrix-binding peptide that allows for optimal transport into tissues and extended residence time while maintaining activity of the therapeutic cargo.
    Parth Patwari, MD, ScD
    Chief Scientific Officer

    Recon Therapeutics
    The ‘LyoKit’ Drug Reconstitution System

    Recon Therapeutics’s patent-pending device simplifies at-home injections in the men’s health, fertility, and hormone replacement markets. By keeping drug and diluent separate until the patient is ready to inject, the device increases shelf-life for pharmaceutical products, eliminates the need for refrigeration, and ensures safe, accurate dosing.
    Christopher Lee
    R&D, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

    Rani Therapeutics
    Oral Biotherapeutics Drug Delivery

    Converting injectable drugs is often described as the “holy grail” of drug delivery.  Although many companies have tried and failed, Rani Therapeutics believes it has cracked the code with its novel approach – the “robotic pill” – that delivers biologics directly into the intestinal wall. Hear from Mir Imran about Rani’s unique technology and his plans to drastically improve the lives of millions of patients suffering from diabetes, osteoporosis rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and many other chronic conditions.
    Mir Imran, MS
    Chairman and CEO

    iO Lifescience
    Innovate in a Meaningful Way
    This talk will cover how iO’s global, risk-managed approach and user-centric process for product design and engineering delivers faster time-to-concept at considerable value with high user satisfaction.
    Rajan Patel
    Founder & CEO

  • 3:00 pm

  • Partnering to Deliver Next-Generation Diabetes Products

    Panelists will discuss the current drug delivery needs for diabetes management, as well as current licensing interests related to formulation and device technologies. Technology evaluation criteria and partnering models will also be covered.

    Paul Jansen
    Associate VP, Medical Device Development, Sanofi

    Marie Schiller
    VP, Drug Delivery/Device R&D Innovation, Eli Lilly

    Anand Subramony, PhD
    VP, Drug Delivery & Device Development, MedImmune

    Carsten Weber
    Head of Pharmaceutical Science OperationsSanofi
  • 3:45 pm

  • Enabling Technologies to Overcome Oral Small Molecule Delivery Challenges

    Developing the optimal oral dosage form of a small molecule drug can be challenging, as a large number of these molecules have poor bioavailability, solubility and / or sub-optimal pharmacokinetics properties. Technologies that offer extended and enhanced oral exposure are currently of high interest. This panel will discuss enabling delivery technologies and strategies to address critical formulation issues encountered during small molecule formulation development.

    • Which technologies are working?
      • Solid dispersions
      • Lipid-based systems
      • Co-crystals
      • Oral sustained release systems
    • What are the advantages and limitations of these technologies?
    • What have we learned and how do we fill the gaps?
    • How do we rationally select the right technology for the right compound? What kind of data is needed for the selection process?

    Rob Saklatvala
    Director, Discovery Pharmaceutical Sciences, Merck

    Zhengming (Jimmy) Chen, PhD
    Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shionogi Inc

    Keith Horspool, PhD
    VP, Material and Analytical Sciences, Boehringer Ingelheim

    Ajit Narang, PhD
    Senior Scientist, SMPSGenentech, Inc

    Manuel Sanchez-Felix, PhD
    Senior Fellow, Novel Drug Delivery Technologies, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

  • 4:30 pm

  • Conference Concludes