Mobile in Clinical Trials Speakers

Dan Karlin

Daniel Karlin, MD

Head of Experimental Medicine, Informatics, and Regulatory Strategy Pfizer Innovative Research Lab

Pfizer, Inc

Dr Dan Karlin is the Head of Experimental Medicine, Informatics, and Regulatory Strategy for the Pfizer Innovative Research Lab, where he manages strategy for multiple aspects of Pfizer’s collaborative digital development efforts. This team ensures that asset teams have access to and an understanding of the value that these digital efforts bring to the clinical development paradigm. He is active in the mobile sensing space, investigating technologies, their applicability to drug development, and rational pathways for their validation and integration. He develops and executes strategies for data management, analysis, and interpretation for projects and programs throughout the company. Dan is also the clinical leader for Pfizer’s Clinical Translational Fellowship program, mentoring and supervising the physician participants. Dan received his BA in Neuroscience and his MA in Medical Informatics from Columbia University; his MD from the University of Colorado School of Medicine; and trained in psychiatry at Tufts Medical Center.

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