Mobile in Clinical Trials Speakers

Daniel Karlin, MD

Human Biology Lead, Computational Neuromedicine


Dr Karlin is a board certified psychiatrist and medical informatician working at the intersection of health and technology in the pharmaceutical industry on novel data and analysis driven strategies for neuropharmaceutical development and in academic medicine where he practices psychiatry, provides clinical care, teaches clinical skills and quality improvement, and helps run a residency program. He is also involved in medical technology and care delivery startups and serve in medical director and advisor roles for these companies. In this context he has invented and contributed to the creation of novel medical devices. Of particular interest is the study of human cognition across the spectrum of healthcare, assessing decision-making strategies used in these environments and the ways in which technology and other tools impact these strategies and the consequent decisions. Prior to training as a physician, Dr Karlin managed emergency medical services systems and disaster response including the early stages of the rescue effort at the World Trade Center collapse.

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