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Welcome to the 5th Annual Executing Global Clinical Trials conference. The 2014 program is being offered as a one-day intensive followed by the option to attend DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials conference on September 11-12 in the same venue.

GCT Session The purpose of the 2014 conference is to help:

  1. Make global clinical trials easier for patients and for sites
  2. Craft a global development strategy

The conference offers concrete topics impacting management of clinical studies globally by finding the right balance between recruitment, cost savings, future regulatory obligations, and managing relationships with global service providers. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Overview on the Current EU Regulatory Landscape
  • Regulatory Barriers in Emerging Markets
  • The effect of Remote-Based Monitoring on Regulatory Approval in other countries
  • CRO Case Study on Remote-Based Monitoring in Global Clinical Trials
  • Reducing Global Protocol Complexities for the Patient and Sites
  • Working with Patient Advocacy Groups in Global Clinical Trials
  • Driving Faster Global Patient Enrollment Rates
  • Communication Strategies for Global CRO/Sponsor Partnerships
  • Partnering with Global Investigative Sites
  • Understanding the Use of Adaptive Trials and Adaptive Design in Multi-National Trials
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Conducting Trials in Asia
  • Technologies Driving Efficiencies in Global Clinical Trials

– 5th Annual Regional Roundtables –

One of the best-rated sections of the conference is the regional roundtable session for one-on-one discussions with an expert in the following areas:

EU Latin America India Japan
Eastern Europe Middle East/North Africa  Korea

The conference includes breakfast, networking breaks, and a luncheon. For any questions, contact us at

We look forward to welcoming you on September 10 in Boston. For those of you planning on attending DPharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials, take advantage of the combined discount.

Best wishes,

Valerie Bowling B&W


Valerie Bowling
Executive Director


Kristen Pisanelli B&W


Kristen Pisanelli
Conference Producer



  • "It was a pleasure to participate in the conference. The patient panel was especially engaging and excellent spokespeople."

    - Christopher Gallen, MD, PhD, CEO, SK Bio-Pharmaceuticals

  • "My overall rating is A+!"

    - Susan Romberg, RPS

  • "Thank you, the DPharm and Global Clinical Trials events were outstanding. You and the team have once again surpassed my expectations and delivered an event above and beyond anything else in the industry."

    - Elan Josielewski, CRF Health

  • "Overall an excellent Conference that provided great updates on the global environment! The organizers did a great job!"

    - Peter Hoffman, PH Associates

  • "Found new and informative information [in the Roundtables] regarding conducting trials in different regions."

    - Jorge Esccobar, Baxter

  • "The Japan roundtable was popular and targeted. There was a good spread and variation of topics."

    - Penelope Dalitz, CSL Behring

  • "Great Speakers! I loved coming to the seminar. The regulatory information is very informative."

    - Aquanette Babbington Sass, Merck

  • "Excellent Hospitality and team work. Congenial and friendly atmosphere with fostered communication between speakers and attendees. Good job!"

    - Honorio Silva, IAFCR

  • "Roundtables- Great idea! Good way to share specific experiences."

    - Felicia Favorito, Millennium Pharmaceuticals

  • "Great!"

    - Sergey Borisov, BBK Worldwide

  • "Excellent conference."

    - Linda Strause, Vical Inc.

  • "Good organization, strong speakers, enough opportunity for Q&A from attendees and networking cocktail hour were excellent. Overall, I thought the conference was very well organized and orchestrated. Kudos!"

    - Matt Whalen, PhD, IMPACT LLC

  • "Knowledgeable and interesting, interactive and provocative."

    - Brian Schrock, Eli Lilly & Co.

  • "A+"

    - Lisa McKerracher, BioAxone

  • "The speakers were extremely knowledgeable and I was particularly impressed with the way everyone was so willing to share information."

    - Jamila Watkins, MBA, Merck Research Laboratories

  • "Very useful and practical information, very interactive meeting... New cutting edge info, new approaches- informative... Excellent, relevant, informative."

    - Joan T. Butler, The George Washington University

  • "Excellent"

    - John Hedberg, RPS

  • "Outstanding session with fantastic goals for training and certification."

    - MC Sullivan, MD, Caligor Rx

  • "Very good! Exceeded my expectations."

    - Tammy Bishop, Caligor RX

  • "Excellent data, fun, interesting."

    - Mark Szuch, UCB

  • "Overall engaging, excellent... Very balanced, important insights, factual, nice layout."

    - Aleksandar Skuban, MD, Merck