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The PODD team bring to the West Coast a Drug Delivery Design & Partnering Meeting. This inaugural program focuses on meeting the design needs of drug delivery systems from the perspectives of pharma, physicians, patients, investors, as well as KOLs in personalized medicine and digital.

There is an emphasis on how to reduce risk and advance drug delivery technologies for current and future needs. More specifically, we aim to cover the following:

  • Where is the sector going?
  • What are the key principles to reduce failures?
  • What are the unknown, unknowns?
  • How do we design for success and what are the guiding principles?

The conference will dedicate the afternoon of day one for a wide variety of drug delivery presentations. Partnering meetings and networking will be available throughout the meeting.

To summarize what to expect at this meeting:

  1. Addresses drug delivery needs and preferences from the perspectives of pharma, physicians, patients, investors as well as KOLs in personalized medicine and digital.
  2. Key principles of drug delivery design for unmet needs and lessons learned from past designs.
  3. Drug Delivery Technology Presentations, Partnering & Networking.

Who Should Attend

This conference is designed for:

From Pharma:

  • Business Development
  • External Licensing
  • Technology Licensing
  • Portfolio Management
  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Research & Technology Development
  • Pharmaceutical Formulation/Sciences
  • CMC
  • Device Development
From Drug Delivery and Specialty Pharma:

  • Business Development Licensing
  • Marketing
  • Innovation & Strategy
  • Formulation Sciences
  • Technology Development
  • Commercial Development

This conference is also of interest to the Life Science Investment Community.