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Andreas Koester - DPharm OverviewAndreas Koester, MD, PhD
VP, Clinical Trial Innovation & External Alliances
Jeff Kasher - DPharm OverviewJeffrey Kasher, PhD
VP, Clinical Innovation & Implementation
Eli Lilly
Craig LipsetCraig Lipset, MBA
Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D
Pfizer, Inc.
Komathi Stem - DPharm OverviewKomathi Stem
Senior Director, Product Development, Innovation Lead



Welcome to the 4th annual Dpharm: Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials event. This is the only conference truly dedicated to exploring and addressing where there is significant innovation in clinical trials.

- Radical Thinkers are Especially Welcomed -

We bring together an exceptional audience of out-of-the-box thinkers determined to make clinical trials more affordable, efficient, with higher quality data and a far better experience for patients.

Zen ChuIt is an outcomes-focused program that not only delves deeply into the key strategic factors impeding clinical trial productivity, but also endeavors to connect change makers who can share current solutions, propose new solutions and commit to testing them and share the results. This conference is designed to be engaging in a highly informative format, similar to the style of TED events. Each session will deliver a clear set of objectives, summary and key take-aways.

Focus & Objectives

  • This is a TED-style event showcasing innovations and leading practitioners in Pharma R&D with a focus on clinical research as well as innovative leaders from other industries.
  • We strive to underscore the promise and challenge of innovation in advancing drug development.
  • We strive to innovate a new model and find collaborations to get therapeutics to patients faster.
  • We address how can we better apply the full spectrum of clinical research options and utilize insights more appropriately.
  • We are dedicated to designing creative solutions and finding a way to implement them.
  • We explore to whom are companies being disruptive and to gain a better understanding of the impact on clinical trials.

We invite you to review the 2014 agenda and let us know if you have any questions or ideas to share. Contact us at service@theconferenceforum.org.

Registration is open for the 2014 event at early discounted rates.


Valerie Bowling B&W


Valerie Bowling
Executive Director


Jessica Rothenberg B&W


Jessica Rothenberg
Marketing Director


Meredith Sands B&W


Meredith Sands
Executive Director, Business Development


Ciara Healy B&W


Ciara Healy
Senior Conference Coordinator


Jennifer Moran B&W1


Jennifer Moran
Production Assistant


More Insights into DPharm:



  • "The Disruptive Innovation event to Advance Clinical Trials provides a vehicle that brings to light the many different ways companies/teams/individuals are accomplishing big and small innovations."

    - Darshan Shah, AstraZeneca

  • "The Disruptive Innovations conference was a great experience for me as an academic cardiologist, trialist and global health researcher."

    - Sameer Bansilal, MD, MS, Zena and Michael A Wiener Cardiovascular Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

  • "It's really a pleasure to be part of what I am beginning to think may be the best industry conference for the money."

    - Joseph Kim, Shire

  • "What’s great about the Disruptive Innovations conference is that it addresses all innovation ingredients."

    - Rahlyn Gossen, Rebar Interactive

  • "Thank you. The DPharm and Global Clinical Trials events were outstanding.  Your team have once again surpassed my expectations and delivered an event above and beyond anything else in the industry."

    - Elan Josielewski, CRF Health

  • "Thank you for inviting me to an amazing experience.  I am truly inspired and humbled by the incredible people that I met during the conference that are persevering through numerous obstacles to transform our industry. It makes me very hopeful that we will evolve and not be dinosaurs that become extinct."

    - Komathi Stem, Genentech

  • "You put on a VERY professional meeting - congratulations!"

    - Adrian McKemey, Quintiles

  • "Thanks for a great conference."

    - Zen Chu, MIT

  • "My overall rating is A+!  It was great and my brain was full by the time I boarded the plane to come home!  Great for personal brainstorming and encouraging thinking out of the box."

    - Susan Romberg, RPS

  • "It was a great journey to navigate across the innovative initiatives happening across the healthcare/lifescience industry."

    - MaryAnne Rizk, PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology

  • "Overall,well organized and has a good spirit of innovation."

    - Jerry Matczak, Eli Lilly

  • "Once again, let me tell you how much I enjoyed the conference. I took the ‘disruptive’ style of presentations at the meeting and adapted it to a presentation I gave to my colleagues in personalized medicine."

    - Kiran Dole, PharmD, Novartis Institute for biomedical Research

  • "Great conference, wonderful presenters and topics and I especially liked the people featured from other industries."

    - Caroline Manning, Merck

  • "Excellent conference. I would love to contribute and/or attend again. Great dialogue."

    - Jeff Kingsley, SERRG

  • "Great networking opportunity."

    - Brett Kleger, DrugDev

  • "Great conference, would come again! It was an awesome event! Exceeded my expectations. Venue was perfect and content was truly innovative."

    - Marcella Lynch, Shire

  • "My colleague and I were last minute attendees at Dpharm, and we are so glad that we went. We felt at home among kindred spirits trying to accomplish something new, challenging, different, and disruptive."

    - Brendan Kelleher, Karmadata

  • "Excellent! Real Disruption! Refreshing!"

    - Thomas Krohn, Eli Lilly

  • "Kudos to the Conference Forum, Craig, John and Andreas for a truly fresh perspective on our industry. It has been very energizing and without tired topics. The format and content are top-notch and sophisticated. Well worth taking the time to attend."

    - Deirdre BeVard, Endo Pharmaceuticals

  • "This conference was a very good mix of inspirational and specific nitty – gritty. WOW!"

    - Veronica Ludensky, Takeda / Millenium

  • "Thank you! Excellent. The best conference I have attended in the last few years!"

    - Maria Makarovskaya, Cubist Pharmaceuticals

  • "This was the first conference I attended in a very long time where I left feeling hopeful."

    - Tomasz Sablinksi, MD, PhD, Celtic Therapeutics

  • "Information was new and fresh and the participants were all very eager to hear about innovations that could drive improvements in clinical trials - very interactive group within the meeting and the breaks. Great job organizing."

    - Kathy Forde , Spaulding Clinical

  • "Extremely relevant, helpful and engaging."

    - Tom Kaminski, Duke Clinical Research

  • "Wonderful insight into issues of innovation, well presented, excellent passionate talks."

    - Michael Montgomery, Janssen Biotech

  • "Good presentations and presentation styles."

    - Steven Najda, Roche

  • "Speakers were excellent at connecting with the audience."

    - Robert Wright, Life Science Leader

  • "Excellent Introduction, Thanks to all speakers and conference organizers."

    - David Smithwick, Duke Clinical Research

  • "Good topics and speakers. Thinking outside the box. My first DPharm conference, very impressive."

    - Stephen Goodman, Pryor Cashman

  • "Relaxed agenda pace, I really enjoyed listening to the patient’s perspective. The talk from MJ Fox Foundation and Patients Like Me were very good."

    - George Vratsanov, Roche

  • "A conference with vision, greatly appreciate view and synthesis."

    - Greg Simon, Pfizer