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2015 Featured Speakers

Pamela Palmer ColorPamela Palmer, MD, PhD
CMO and Co-Founder
AcelRX Pharmaceuticals
Barbara Troupin ColorBarbara Troupin, MD, MBA
Apricus Biosciences
Thomas Lonngren ColorThomas Lonngren, PhD (hs), MRPharmS, FRCP
Former Head/Strategic Advisor
Julie Hambleton ColorJulie Hambleton, MD
Five Prime Therapeutics
David Caraway ColorDavid Caraway, MD, PhD
Lee Allen ColorLee Allen, MD, PhD
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals



The Conference Forum was delighted to present the 3rd Annual Chief Medical Officer Summit West, the only conference of its kind dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by CMOs in emerging biotechs.

We are dedicated to accomplishing two goals:

1. To bring together CMO executives to address the unique challenges associated with directing and managing all R&D functions with limited resources, while raising capital, working and meeting with investors, and strategizing for appropriate exits.

2. To create a network of CMOs from small to midsize life science companies to share ideas, solutions and support.

The Role of a CMO in Emerging Life Science Companies
We understand that the role of a Chief Medical Officer is dramatically different depending on the type of organization in which a CMO works. For a CMO in early, emerging and even midsize life science companies, the role can be an isolated one. In addition to the responsibility of driving clinical development and CRO management, CMOs also need to meet the needs of investors and help position for an appropriate exit. We are seeing many CMOs play an increasingly larger role in raising funding for their life science companies. All these challenges are addressed at the Summit.

CMO Roles


We want to thank our CMO advisors and sponsors for their insights and support on content and agenda development. In particular, we would like to thank our lead advisor, Dr. Pamela Palmer, for her unwavering guidance and enthusiasm to present a truly unique program for CMOs.

We look forward to greeting you in November 2016 for the fourth annual event in San Francisco.


Kate Woda B&W


Kate Woda
Conference Director
The Conference Forum


Valerie Bowling New


Valerie Bowling
Executive Director
The Conference Forum


Jessica Rothenberg B&W


Jessica Rothenberg
Marketing Director
The Conference Forum


Meredith Sands B&W


Meredith Sands
Executive Director, Business Development
The Conference Forum



  • "I think that CMOs can and should play a bigger and more overt role in running companies. As such it is important to me that they feel empowered and trained to do so."

    - Lauren Silverman, PhD, Managing Director, Novartis Venture Funds

  • "I found the meeting extremely useful since it was designed exclusively to addressing CMO interests. The opportunity to network with my peers at this event was invaluable since, barring this meeting, interactions I have with my peers tend to be at scientific meetings where the focus is the scientific meeting and not the CMO peer interactions."

    - Santosh Vetticaden, PhD, MD, CMO, SVP, Mast Therapeutics, Inc.

  • "It is a pleasure to have attended a historic meeting [of] the outstanding inaugural Chief Medical Officer Summit."

    - Dominic J.F. Tong, MD,

  • "It was a wonderful experience for me and I appreciate the opportunity."

    - Greg Fiore, MD, CMO, The Medicines Company

  • "I thought this was one of the more valuable conferences I've attended for some time."

    - Jeffrey Moore, DPhil, MBA, VP, MP Healthcare Venture Management, Inc.

  • "I think the conference addresses and identified an under-served niche. Nice job on the conference."

    - Carl Berke, PhD, Partner, Partners Innovation Fund, Partners Healthcare and Founding Director, Mass Medical Angels

  • "These are great meetings and I applaud you for having the foresight to organize them."

    - Jodi Black, PhD, Deputy Director, Division of Extramural Research Activities, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, NIH

  • "You and The Conference Forum team did a great job with this meeting. We appreciated the opportunity to work with you."

    - Paul Edgerton, Managing Partner, Gold Partners

  • "The day was great fun. The conference had a nice crowd and they were very engaged."

    - M. Scott Harris, MD, CMO, Avaxia Biologics, Inc., Principal, Middleburg Consultants and Clinical Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine

  • "I was happy to participate and enjoyed the discussion with other panel members and interaction from the audience."

    - Chris Kiritsy, MBA, President & CEO, Arisaph

  • "The discussion at the CMO conference indicated everyone had a great time and felt that next year's event would be even bigger and better. Please extend my thanks to the entire team for putting together such a great meeting. Your team executes flawlessly each and every time. I overheard many CMOs convey this meeting was a great forum for CMOs to share ideas, challenges, frustrations, etc. in an honest, open forum (and one CMO said it was much better than a psychiatrist evaluation!)."

    - Nancy Wetherbee, MBA, Director, Office of Research Business Development in Industry Translation, Tufts Medical Center

  • "It was a great meeting. Hopefully the start of something big."

    - Steven Zelenkofske, DO, FACC, FACOI, FCCP, SVP, Clinical and Medical Affairs & CMO, Regado Biosciences