Clinical Research as a Care Option Speakers

Robert Matthews

President and CEO


Bob Matthews is President and CEO of MediSync, a company whose mission is to help medical groups improve performance. Since 1997, MediSync has provided comprehensive management services via long term management partnerships to a total of four medical groups. From 1997 to 2010, Mr Matthews was simultaneously the Executive Director of three, highly successful Southwest Ohio medical groups.

MediSync has continuously invested significant resources to invent, deploy and improve processes that lift medical group financial and operational performance, clinical outcomes and build success in value based reimbursement. Mr Matthews is Black Belt trained in the Six Sigma quality approach, and he led several project teams to create processes and achieve optimal outcomes in hypertension, diabetes, lipids, asthma and osteoporosis. MediSync’s partner medical groups have been recognized as having achieved the #1 chronic disease outcomes in the nation by the Centers for Disease Control.

MediSync also partners with medical groups to operate clinical research centers. MediSync’s research partnership groups have a collective patient base of over 400,000 patients.

The majority of MediSync’s 155 client medical groups retain their own management teams but engage MediSync’s assistance by adopting our unique management and performance improvement processes.

Mr Matthews works with and speaks to groups around the nation about the coming changes in healthcare, the means for successfully meeting market demands for improved medical quality and cost effectiveness and successful change management in physician groups.

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