Clinical Research as a Care Option Speakers

Katherine Vandebelt

Global Head, Clinical Innovation

Eli Lilly & Company

Katherine (Kathy) Vandebelt believes patients are the most important constituent in clinical development. She is collaborating with various companies to deliver a new and better clinical development model that makes clinical trials more accessible to patients and provide them with responsive and considerate care.

Kathy has experience in setting up a network of strategic partnerships to increase flexibility, capacity and capabilities to meet the ever changing needs of drug development. Being part of an international company, Kathy is well aware of the challenges of working with a distant work force. Kathy received her Bachelor of Science specializing in Pharmacology with a minor in Physiology from Trinity College at the University of Toronto. She started her career at Lilly in Toronto, Canada as a Clinical Research Associate and led clinical development programs across various therapeutic areas. In 1999, Kathy moved to Sydney, Australia to build and lead the Clinical Outcomes and Research Institute. Over a four year period, the research investment tripled, the scope of responsibility expanded to support a larger geographical area, and the scientific and technologic advancements were externally recognized as being innovative and world class. In 2003, Kathy moved to Indianapolis, Indiana (Lilly headquarters) and has held senior leadership roles in Data Sciences / Solutions and Statistics accountable for ensuring clinical data integrity and quality for worldwide medical research conducted for human pharmacology, therapeutic exploratory, therapeutic confirmatory and therapeutic use.

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