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Jennifer Byrne

Jennifer Byrne


Greater Gift Initiative

Jennifer Byrne is the Founder and Board Member of GGI, a 501(c)3.  To date, GGI has been responsible for the donation of nearly 80,000 vaccines to children in need in developing countries in honor of clinical trial participants. Each vaccine celebrates and expresses gratitude for the medical heroism of a trial volunteer or life science professional supporting health advancement locally to affect a global impact… one child at a time.

Formerly, Jennifer was the Chief Executive Officer of PMG Research, Inc (PMG), expanding it from its inception as a single center site to a vast network of integrated research site partnerships throughout the United States. During her 28 year tenure, Jennifer and her team transformed PMG into an industry market leader and health care institution partner of choice, conducting over 7,500 clinical trials with the inclusion of 150,000 trial participants across the development of hundreds of compounds and medical devices. Under her leadership, PMG became a thriving venture, successfully transitioning to a private equity partner with Frontier Capital, and subsequently to ICON plc.

Jennifer is highly committed to building better bridges between patients, health care providers, and the life science community.  Her guiding mission is to mainstream the transformation of clinical research as a care option for all patients; improving the delivery model of research  and creating space to match the right trial, to the right patient, at the right time. Jennifer was recognized as a CenterWatch Top 25 Innovator and currently serves as an Advisory Board member to CISCRP, the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine, and NC Biotech Piedmont Triad. Additionally, she is a Board Member of the Hospice Foundation and Summit School.

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