Clinical Research as a Care Option Speakers

Jane Shen, PharmD

Senior Director, Innovation


As Senior Director of Innovation at PMG Research, Dr Jane Shen is responsible for the development of corporate strategic alliances and partnerships, as well as strategic innovations. Dr Shen collaborates with the PMG Leadership team to lead efforts in the development of innovative initiatives and utilization of technology platform to transform clinical research execution. During a career spanning more than 17 years as a clinical researcher and clinical trialist, she has held positions of responsibility involving clinical program design, strategic planning, corporate operations, pharmaceutical business activities and mitigation of operational and development risks. Prior to joining PMG Research, she served as Clinical Trial Leader at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation and as SVP of Clinical Operations at TransTech Pharma. Dr Shen earned her PharmD at the University of Southern California and completed her post-doctoral research fellowship with Rutgers University, New Jersey. During her post-doctoral fellowship, she completed her clinical training at the National Cancer Institute, NIH.

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