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Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials Summit

Options to Drive Efficiencies in Clinical Drug Development


The adoption of adaptive design is gathering pace across the drug, diagnostic and medical device industry. The major benefit of adaptive design is to improve critical decision-making by enabling pre-planned trial adaptations to be implemented in a way that maintains the validity and integrity of the trial.

A number of additional industry initiatives are underway to improve product development efficiency. Whilst these approaches have the potential to significantly reduce costs and shorten timelines, only when they are aligned with critical decision-making through adaptive design will they impact late phase product attrition and dramatically increase the probability of success in pivotal studies.

Together these approaches can:

  • Reduce costs and timelines to deliver clinical development efficiency
  • Enhance critical decision-making to drive productivity
  • Effectively manage portfolio risk
  • Increase the success rate and value of products in the late stage portfolio

Coupling effective decision-making through use of adaptive design with industry initiatives to improve development efficiency such as risk-based monitoring has the potential to deliver a very different clinical development paradigm. The Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials Summit will examine both these innovative approaches which are set to shape the future of product development. This program will be offered as a stand-alone event or as an optional pre-conference event to the Third Annual Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials conference, which takes place the following two days.

This program is designed for:

  • VPs/Directors of Clinical Operations
  • Therapy Area Heads
  • VPs/Directors of Global Regulatory
  • CEOs, CMOs & CSOs of Early Stage & Emerging Companies